A Hot Civil War Is One Democrat Gunshot Away In America

A Hot Civil War Is One Democrat Gunshot Away In America

A Hot Civil War is one democrat gunshot away in America and you can thank the crazy leftist loons who think they will win this 2020 election for this sad state of affairs. Hillary recently was talking and told an interviewer that Trump is trying to destroy everything the democrat party has built up in the last 40 years. So democrats must use whatever civil means possible (Hillary’s code word for violence) to stop him. Crooked Hillary gave democrats a wink, wink to get more violent against Trump and the Republicans. The democrats must be stopped.

The extreme  leftists’ socialists has gained open control of the democrat party. They are dumbfounded, confused, and bewildered that all Americans don’t believe in their socialist takeover for all of America. This is why the democrats have totally lost their minds. They don’t have a clue as to why Conservative Republicans reject them. They were raised from 5 years old in schools filling their mush brained zombie bodies with leftist ideas and it continued all the way through college. So now they create violent mobs to attack anybody who dares to reject their ideas because they are dumber than bear piss. They have been completely brainwashed by teachers and professors much like Muslim kids going to madrassa schools to become terrorists. These young democrats are ignorant moronic dummies who blindly believe what they’ve been taught. They campaign for free stuff for everyone. The millennials have been ingrained with an ideology they would go to their death for. Let’s help make their wish come true.

These ideological democrats must be destroyed to their core to convince them of their wrong beliefs. Their malignant cancer of beliefs could never stand up to a showing of facts, figures and statistics which proves beyond doubt socialism fails every time it has been practiced in a country. Venezuela, Cuba, and Karl Marx’s old Soviet Union all faced extreme failures of socialist governments until the people revolted and overthrew socialism.

Democrats are Nazis

Democrats must be compared to Hitler’s conversion of Germany’s population into Nazis. Democrats are exactly like Nazis except the name is different. The allies destroyed the Nazi’s homes, factories and turned their country into a pile of rubble. Hey Germans, you lost everything and the Allies proved one glaring fact to you people, Nazism is evil and everything it stood for was bombed to smithereens. You were left with nothing AND that convinced you that you chose the wrong horse to ride your county into its total destruction. The Germans were slapped in the face with the reality that their ideological Nazi beliefs were wrong and everything they had was destroyed. They were WRONG! Nazi beliefs died and were buried by the German people after they lost!

The democrats are blind followers of their leftist socialist indoctrination by thinking it is the right way of life for the world. The 2nd American civil War will be started by the democrats. Why and How it will happen is very simple. Fox’s Jesse Watters show, Watters’ World, shows the Why it will happen. Jesse likes to interview college students on Campus. He asks the most basic simple questions of them. Questions like “who was the first President of the United States?” 98 % of these college students give very wrong  and very stupid answers, like “Kennedy or Clinton,” instead of George Washington. “What year did the Revolutionary War Start?” They give dumb and dumber answers even more wrong and stupid like 1946. These millennials are displaying how really ignorant and clueless the level to which they have been educated. They have zero knowledge of American History. Their leftist teachers drummed socialism into them all their young lives until they graduate. Schools then send another ignorant group of young stupids out into America.

Millennials Love Kool Aid

Guess what? They have slurped up their teacher’s Kool Aid which is the democrat party manifesto on socialism. This group of youths are going to blindly vote for democrats. This groupthink band of ignorant fools will soon find out that Patriotic Americans will reject their democrat party puppeteers’ goals this election! And when that reality of the real world collides with the bitter taste of defeat again, the WHAT is what will cause the spark for the start of a new shooting  Civil War.

Only one main street, level headed democrat dinosaur, Doug Schoen, opposes all of his party’s extremist ways and has been ignored by the democrats who have grabbed control of his party. He has said that if the democrats do not win control of the House of Representatives in the 2018 election, “My gosh, it will be Armageddon for the democrat party!” Remember the extreme fits of crying and screaming in defeat by the democrats on the night Donald Trump won the election against crooked Hillary? Well multiply that reaction by 10X times after their next loss. The WHAT will cause a nuclear explosion of reaction, by the losing traitorous animals that are democrat mobs.

When these animals experience a loss that punches all of them hard in the mouth by rejecting their lifelong leftist socialist teachings, they will react by striking out with extreme violence. They know that the only option their twisted sick brains will see left for them is to start shooting Republicans. The democrat Civil War will escalate in a few days so fast and furious that it will overwhelm the police. The hot shooting new civil war will awaken the giant sleeping lion of armed conservatives to defend their families and their lives. The American patriots will realize the only way to rid the country of this infected cancerous rot of democrats is to completely destroy them.

History has taught us that what happened to the Nazis must happen to the democrats. Their party and their extreme leftist socialist beliefs must be totally destroyed by the voters and only when that happens will the democrats bury socialism for another 80 to 100 years here in America. The voters must destroy the democrats in 2018 by voting Republican. A great loss for the democrat mob in this election will thrust them into a state of depression and maybe only then we can avoid a shooting  civil war. It is in your hands now patriotic American voters. Get off your ass and support your President.

The Patriot

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