A New Civil War in America

A New Civil War has begun in America, again – America’s 2nd Civil War

The radical socialist democrats have fired the first shots of a New Civil War in America. Impeaching President Trump was the radical democrats’ only way to stop Trump from winning the 2020 election! The radical democrats learned from internal polling they could not beat him in 2020 so they pulled the wool over the American voters with an unconstitutional phony impeachment trigger now. But, they DID NOT VOTE to IMPEACH as required by the U.S. Constitution. I bet President Trump tells them to go to hell and they will get nothing from the White House until you formally vote for impeachment and make your subpoenas legal! They are lying to the American people to trick them into thinking they have impeached him. The radicals know this is their last card they have to stop Trump.

Corrupt Radical Democrats and Their Partners

These corrupt radical democrats and their corrupt propaganda broadcast partners (CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and NBC NEWS) have underestimated, as usual, the American Patriots reaction to their 2016 election coup against a duly elected president. This is their last chance to destroy America and rebuild it into their socialist empire. The only one that could stop them is the President.

President Trump is NOT Being Impeached

That is the truth under the law of the land, The United States Constitution. President Trump is NOT being Impeached! This is a phony fake impeachment lie broadcast 24 hours nonstop by the radical democrats and their corrupt propaganda machine. They already have convinced a few Americans President Trump is being impeached. He is NOT! I will say it again, Radical democrats DID NOT VOTE to IMPEACH as required by the U.S. Constitution. They are doing this to trick Americans into turning against him. Patriots will not stand for this phony impeachment lie!

Just listen to Pelosi, “if we don’t stop him now he will win in 2020 and forever change America.” President Trump has destroyed their attempt to transform America into Venezuela. He took a sledgehammer to the radical democrats attempt to remake America. Look at the democrats’ agenda he stopped dead in its tracks. Open Borders for the destruction of America. They created Sanctuary cities where illegal alien murderers and rapists are released onto the voters. They vow to confiscate your guns! They promise you can keep your health care and your doctor if you let them enact Medicare for all. Where’d you hear that lie before? Obama won the lie of the year for that one. The list of their crazy radical ideas goes on and on. Trump stopped their democrats’ radical socialist march with his Trump Wall.

The democrat answer? Let’s Impeach him! Lie, cheat, steal, allow illegal aliens to vote, do anything to stop him cold. What these democrat traitors have done is unleash American patriots who are now showing up and picketing the lying democrats who lied to voters to get elected in Trump country. The radicals are going to stop Trump supporters with violence, because they can’t win at the ballot box. They will force the police to arrest Trump supporters who now are showing up to oppose them and voicing support for President Trump.

Democrat Bizzaro World

We’re living in Bizzaro world. Illegal alien criminals are released and protected by the radicals. They allow illegal aliens to vote in elections. They want to take law abiding patriots guns away from them, throw patriots in jail and release illegal aliens. Democrats in control for 50 years have destroyed America’s greatest cities; San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and Philadelphia have been turned into America’s shitholes.

The radical socialist democrats fired the first hot bullet in this new Civil War of their own making, Impeachment! Stupid parents have let socialist teachers take over your children’s classrooms. American history is no longer taught to their kids where the democrats’ agenda of socialism is being pounded daily in to the students’ minds.

Why the Radical democrats Started This

Why did the democrats start a Civil War? In their back room secret meetings they all agreed if Trump is not stopped, this is the end of the radical democrats reign over the country. Trump’s 2016 miracle win is as if he was chosen as God’s warrior angel to set our country, America the Great, right again. The radical democrats are devoted followers of evil. The squad, House Leader Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Schiff, Pelosi, Schumer and the corrupt leadership of the FBI failed coup will do everything they can do, lie, cheat and illegal to stop him.

The radicals feel the heat of the breath of the law, Attorney General William Barr on their corrupt necks getting closer. They know they will end up going to jail if their treasonous coup gets exposed. The last thing they want is to have to go to criminal trial in Connecticut. This is the radicals’ last stand and the violence of Civil War is okay with them. This is their last chance at stopping Trump and stopping him from naming more federal judges who follow the law and the U. S. Constitution. The MAGA supporters are starting to show themselves in public and the idiot radicals have cannot scare them into hiding again. This is the radical, traitorous socialist democrats’ last stand for their own survival. The President has been framed by the radicals and their traitorous spy’s embedded in the White House. Back President Trump against the democrats’ phony impeachment charges and vote for him in the 2020 election.

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