ALL TV News Talk Show Hosts Should Grow a Pair of Balls

ALL TV News Talk Show Hosts Should Grow a Pair of Balls

All TV News talk show hosts have spines made of jelly, the hearts of cowards overflowing with the morals of a whore, and that makes me throw up. In fact, I even quit watching my cathedral of news built on a rock, Fox News. An exception to that rule is the only two Fox news talk show hosts with giant balls of steel, Laura Ingraham and Martha MacCallum! I will shout out an honorable mention to a lady whose courage is now in the puberty stage of growth, Shannon Bream.

Fox’s foundation rock has giant cracks growing in it. The socialist democrat, weakling of a Rupert Murdoch son running it, James Murdoch, has fallen under the spell of crazed leftists and is looking to leftasize Fox shows even more. That’s a bad, bad move. Many of my friends watched Fox. Not anymore. More of us are switching off our viewing of news because they have become sponsored promotional tripe for left wing guests.

Leftists talk is geared toward ignorant democrat followers who believe they’re listening to their socialist God, Obama, speak out to them from these parrots of the party. They all stick to their spin topic of the day and refuse to answer any factual questions posed to them. The gutless hosts/moderators are supposed to follow up and hold accountable the phony, lying facts stated by these jerkoffs called guests.

Now the meat of my going ballistic when watching TV news hosts who moderate interviews is one stupid, simple, silly fact. When a democrat guest lies, they are not forced to answer the host’s question. Instead, the spineless boob allows them to spew their spin out endlessly, afraid of stopping them. Hey dumbass host, who’s show is it, yours or the democratic spinmeisters?

The TV Host Makeover

To cure the problem democratic liars create is very simple. The host must get a makeover. First let’s add a sprinkle of courage, make it two sprinkles; add a large dose of bravery, with a spine added, a ramrod strong spine; then add a get tough or get your ass out and find a new job ultimatum from the network, and lastly, you will be stopped mid interview by the producer to order you on air to force the guest to answer the damn question, NOW!

The most, best, favorite change to make in TV news shows for me will be included in the pre-show prep interview with the democratic lying traitor guest. My orgasmic dream would be to lay down the hard fast rules to these bullies. Here I go on my joy ride of a solution. I get a tingle down my leg at the thought (that’s an ode to lefty/socialist Chris Matthews) that this will work.

The Rules

Okay guest, here are the rules for your appearance on my show, with no exceptions, so don’t even question it.

  1. When the host speaks, you shut the fuck up immediately.
  2. You will answer the host’s question asked of you directly and your answer must be on point or specifically on that subject. If you spin, obfuscate or dodge in your answer, you will be stopped mid-sentence. If you even dare to talk over the host, your mic will be cut. That’s Strike One.
  3. The host will tell the audience “your mic was cut because no spin is allowed anymore and guests must answer questions directly or their mics will be cut. We had to cut off Mr. Democrat’s mic.”
  4. “All right Mr. Democrat, here’s my question , please answer it. If you start off spinning again, your mic will be cut.” Strike Two.
  5. The host apologizes to the audience and explains “we have a zero tolerance rule on this show where guests must answer questions posed to them or their mic’s are cut off and given an on air warning.”
  6. The guest knows the rules because they have read and signed beforehand an appearance agreement; when the host speaks, you shut the fuck up immediately. Now we know these sons of bitches are going to ignore the rules and we will get to see them turn into exploding heads, blubbering assholes by our next action on their 3rd strike. Their mic is cut by the host by giving the control booth a cut off sign. “Mr. Blank, you continue to not answer my question. This is not your talk show, it’s mine. My viewers are sick and tired of your refusal to answer the facts confronting you. You are afraid to give an answer to the truth when it faces you. We want open dialogue from you, not spin or talking points! We are never going to allow a guest to ignore the facts again. You are welcome back when you can show respect for what you agreed to beforehand and obey the show’s guidelines for discussion. You are dismissed.” Strike Three! Yahooo!

You might be asking, why didn’t I mention the republican guests? They are sissy’s, too afraid to fight the democrats. They’re cowards with wide yellow stripes glaring brightly on their backs, non-fighters, giver uppers; throw in the towel wimps, so there is no need to mention them.

The Trump republicans will fight back Trump strong. They are people of courage and grit, made that way. They can handle a simple lying democrat by themselves, easy peasy.

There’s No Dialogue Anymore-Time for a Change

What a relief it would be to watch two opposite sides discuss each point of view with facts, and NO SPIN! It is sickening listening to the well trained democratic spin talkers. They all get their marching orders to the spin of the day and the mindless bastards follow it blindly, never wavering and trampling all opponents in their path. I gotta hand it to them, they refuse to be knocked off their misson. You’d think the TV news hosts were on their payroll the way they allow the democrats to roll over them every day. I scream at the TV, yelling out loud, “make them answer the fucking question!” I learned to deal with it, I stopped listening to the news. That’s a hell of a way to go through these times. No discussion of the facts or positions. I didn’t mention the Fake News networks because they are hopeless. But, I am so disappointed in Fox. My last hope was shattered.

I watch Laura Ingraham, Martha MacCallum, and Shannon Bream, my strong, heroic women of the news. I wish they would put the hammer down harder, though. The standbys of Hannity, Fox and Friends are OK, The rest are cold Pablum.

I gave a solution so we can all get informed like the news is supposed to do. I know its wishful thinking at best. So, I’m praying for more help or all will be lost this next election. Then the dumb as a brick morons will be in charge.

The Patriot
March 25, 2018

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