America’s Traitors – McCain – Romney – Napolitano

America Is Being Destroyed By Backstabbing Traitors

John McCain a Hero Turned Traitor

John McCain morphed from a true American hero into A swamp loving traitor who lied to the President and his Senate colleagues, then took away from patriotic low and middle class Americans great affordable health insurance. His crime, attacking President  Trump by voting NO on replacing Obamacare. McCain  is another Republican presidential candidate who lost his election and despises Trump because the people voted him to become their President. He hates President Trump from his grave in hell where he now lies with all the dead traitors of America.

Mitt Romney the Penguin Stepping Coward

Mitt Romney is a penguin stepping, girly walking, slump shouldered, backstabbing failure of a politician with no spine who hates President Trump. His actions are that of a jealous, delusional, swamp child who cannot get over the fact he showed he is a gutless wimp against Obama. That display of his chicken shit cowardice cost him the presidency against Obama because Americans hate cowards. Throw in that Trump won and where Romney will go down in history forever as the Loser.
Romney is so jealous of President Trump winning the presidency when he looks into a mirror and is so delusional  he thinks he tells the mirror he knows he is better than the President. Hey Rino Romney, You Lost, resign your senate seat because we have enough spineless democrats opposing Trump now.

Fox’s Judge Napolitano a democrat in Disguise

Good old slimeball Judge Napolitano who finally came out as the true American traitor he is. His phony laugh and fawning democrat lefties from Fox news like Chris Wallace,  Sheppard Smith, Leland Vittert, Geraldo Rivera, Eric Shawn and the young Sunday female hosts on fox who are current socialist loving democrats. They disgrace the profession of journalism by pawning themselves off as reporters. Their facial expressions and voice inflections revealed their democrat loyalties after the Mueller report cleared Trump. The lefties on Fox cheer Napolitano on as a know all who has actually been so wrong in his legal analysis in the last  6 months you’d think he got his law degree by mail from a Cuban mail order school .

Every former US Attorney has respectfully disagreed with Judge Nap. They know he’s lying about his opinions and are more courteous than necessary to this piece of traitorous shit. Thank God Alan Dershowitz points out how  his legal calls have all been opposite of Judge Naps and has been proven correct. Professor Dershowitz is an old style liberal democrat who is not afraid to tell the truth. He’s the only liberal I respect.

Napolitano goes out of his way to be a sneaky Never Trumper because he thinks Fox would fire his prejudicial ass for not disclosing his democrat party ties. Notice how treacherous all three of these traitors are by promoting themselves as republicans but can’t help but exposing their hatred for President Trump. They are so infected with Trump delusion syndrome that their hate boils over at times.

Notice why they’re all called backstabbers. They don’t have the guts or courage to face Trump face to face. They back stab him instead of front stabbing him. America is smart and hates cowards. That’s how Trump won even with all the backstabbing republicans voting for Hillary. Traitors can’t help themselves.

Democrats are So Bold

The democrats are stupid bold in their desire to destroy America. Look how they do nothing about our border crisis. These nasty scum of illegal aliens from  shithole countries are flooding our borders and are financed by the democrats. They plan to make sure they keep flooding Texas ,Arizona, Louisiana and Florida with this illegal scum. Their plan is to turn these red states blue for democrats.

I hope real America votes this cancer of treasonous act democrats into the shithole of history. Notice how they squawked like chickens when Trump promised to send these pieces of illegal shit to their sanctuary cities. President Trump called their bluff and this I can guarantee you, Trump is now aware of their plan to destroy his presidency in America. He now has encircled his presidency with loyal Americans who are carrying out the Trump doctrine of the destruction of the traitors in the democrat party. They need to be perp walked to jail upon their arrest.

This is a secret operation only the most trusted patriots to the country are chosen to execute. So grab  your popcorn and get ready to watch this purge of America’s traitors unfold. Trump wins again.

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