Border Caravan Illegals Swarm Border Patrol With a Flood of Lies to Get Admitted In

Border Caravan Illegals Swarm Border Patrol With a Flood of Lies to Get Admitted In

Republished from May 3, 2018  Deja vu Again!

Border caravan illegals swarm  border patrol with a flood of lies to get admitted in.  Here we go again! Congress, all the democrats and the bunch of spineless Rinos (Republicans in Name Only) are fighting President Trump at his every turn for trying stop the flood of illegal aliens from lying their way into our country. Get in, get your court date, disappear into your little cockroach holes across the country and never show up for your court date. Home Free.

The rotten scum had the nerve to climb on top of the fence and wave foreign flags to the crowd on the American side of the border. But, not one American flag was ever seen in this disgraceful disrespect for our country. They were cheered on by the crowd of American socialist, democratic voting traitors supporting them.

This disgusting group of trash was escorted by Mexico to travel across their country so they could shit in America. Their plan is to disappear, then slink their slimy way onto our welfare system. I can’t wait for the day we send those illegal aliens back to the shithole countries they came from. Add the crazy socialist democrat lawyers from America who rode the buses with them and advised them, broke numerous American laws so they could lie their way into getting a court hearing.

Terrorists are Welcome

Oh! Oh! By the way dear readers, eight Muslim Pakistani nationals  hiding with the Caravan were caught sneaking their way across the border by the Border Patrol. The traitor democrats have put out the welcome mat for Muslim terrorists to come on down and get on in here. I’ve had my fill of seeing those freeloaders giving us the finger on TV saying, “fuck you to all Patriotic Americans, we’re getting in. Ha! Ha! Ha!” Watching them is like being chained to a chair and forced to watch a bad cancelled TV show on a loop over and over again. You scream out loud in agony of knowing you can’t turn the damn thing off. I  hope anybody that reads this, knows this must stop NOW!

My blood boils to what is happening to my country. See why and  Check out my previous story that I wish and pray to God I was wrong about that I wrote on March 3, 2018 and you can see why I get so pissed off:

Dreamers, What in the Hell Makes You Think You Have the Right to Demand to Stay in my Country?

Patriots, you must face the hard truths that smacks you in your face. The democrats and Rinos allowed this border caravan to happen when they did not support the President. They shot down his generous offer on the Dreamers. President Trump called their bluff and offered to allow the dreamers to stay to set those dumbass treasonous democrats up for the fall. So those supporters who got pissed off at him, you got to understand he set the democrats up like bowling pins to knock off this fall election. He couldn’t tell you what he was up to, because the dems would change tactics. He is performing the Art of the Deal before your very eyes. Our immigration laws are broken! You have got to get as pissed off as I am and help our President.

The impeachment scam is being shredded. Two Federal judges are saying NO to the traitor Mueller. I hope you all are reading the President’s tweets because Fake News has had a blackout on any good Trump news since election day. Only Trump could function with all the Mueller bullshit going on around him. Just look at all he has accomplished with that crap trying to distract him. I know God chose Trump to save the Republic, save the Constitution and save your Second Amendment right to own guns. God spoke to you voters to elect him. Now I hope God speaks to you to turn out this fall.

Patriots, it’s all up to you now. You better get out and vote for Republicans who support our President running for Congress this fall. Hold your nose if it’s a Rino and vote for him. Keep the Congress Republican, then vote the bastard out the next time when President Trump runs for his second term because you can bet your ass a Trumper will run against that Rino.

Democrats are the Party of NO!

Look at what the Congressional democrats stopped. NO to the border wall. NO to more ice agents. NO to securing our border. NO to changing the illegal alien entry lottery. NO to adding more border patrol. NO to unvetted 100 family members coming into our country on the back of one illegal alien. NO to changing immigration laws. NO to what you American Patriots voted for. NO to making your vote for President Trump count. NO! NO! NO! to anything Trump says yes to. Trump should call them his party of NO!

Only Donald J. Trump, our beloved President, could stand up to the impeachment witch hunt the democrats set in motion the day after the election. I predict it will come out in the future that the lying Muslim traitor Obama set that whole phony Russian story up. Look, the democrats are so fired up and mad because Trump is still in office, they are going to storm the polls. Let them keep electing the democrats in the cities they’ve been running for 50 years, the ones they turned into shitholes; Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Detroit, Minneapolis, St Louis and Washington!

Let’s watch the democrats’ heads explode again when we vote this fall. It is so much fun to watch! They will commit suicide if we gain one House seat more. The traitor democrats cannot match the numbers of American Patriots in the country if you get off your ass and support him this 2018 election. Rally behind the President and wave the American flag in the face of the illegal alien bastards who the democrats and Rinos let swarm our country. Let’s Stop the wave of  illegal crap getting in so we can welcome immigrants who love our country take their place.

Now is the time to take back control of our country. What those slimy illegals don’t know, we will get that wall built. We will secure our  borders. We will take our country back. We will make our country whole again. We will Make America Great Again.

The Patriot

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