Civil War is on The Horizon – Blame Trump

Civil War is on The Horizon - Blame Trump

Civil War is on the horizon – blame Trump for providing the spark. Yes, the coming civil war is a forgone conclusion because he has had such tremendous success in fulfilling 70% of his campaign promises so soon. Democrat leftist, socialist followers’ heads have exploded! The realization that Trump is President and achieving so much and so opposite in what they believe in, they’re rage has become hysterical. The democrats are now promoting violence against anything Trump.

They are going after Trump women, screaming and yelling at them in restaurants, their homes and even dared to spit on Pam Bondi, the Attorney General of Florida. Pam Bondi  has a state trooper security detail escorting her wherever she goes. They did not grab these crazed bullies and pull them back from the threats they hurled at her. The law stops her troopers from interfering with free speech rights afforded all American citizens, even the insane ones. These phony brave men who show no fear, get within one inch of these women’s faces spewing hate and spit at them, along with and at their children accompanying them.

Hating  Trump Cheered by Democrats

The Trump hatred is being cheered on by congressman and supporters. These cowardly thugs, men and women, hide behind the free speech stay out of jail card because the politically correct fever has swept the country. If these looneys can’t beat Trump and his supporters at the ballot box, they have turned their hysteria into violence. Think about what they are doing. Would anybody put up with this behavior? Would you?

The Free Speech Stay Out of Jail Card

Free speech guaranteed in our Constitution allows these crazies to act this way. But, that bullshit will soon come to an end. You cannot yell fire in a crowded theatre because you would cause a riot. They are going to incite violence from the slightly more deranged wackos among them, whether it be with guns or knives against a conservative woman and her family. The democrats have unleashed these crazies. These sick, vile and totally insane socialist supporters have realized now the Trump revolution is in full swing. More opposite policies between the two sides is not possible. It’d the democrat devils against Trump’s angels.

The sickos of this sick group of millions have no conscience of civility among them. Democrats all are now deranged psychopaths with nowhere else to turn to stopping Trump, so they tell themselves that physical violence is the only way to stop these people. Their world is crumbling thanks to President Trump’s success.

They can’t stand the vision of America as spoken and enacted by Trump: love and respect for our flag; patriotism; stopping illegal aliens from entering our country; secure borders; America first which means put Americans first; working men and women; love of the police; love our military; love our patriotic heroes; appoint federal judges who follow the law as written in our Constitution and do not make up personal opinion laws from their bench; supporting veterans; support law and order, and finally make America #1 again.

Polls Now Say That The Trump Civil War is Right Around  the Corner!

Polls now say that the Trump Civil War is right around  the corner! Look at the insane mental state the democrat traitors have whipped themselves into. The Trump haters are foaming at the mouth like the rabid dogs that they are. Look at who leads them. Mad Maxine Waters, the perfectly ugly face of hate to represent them. Thank God for democrats choosing the picture perfect Mad Maxine to become their great voice as the leader of their party. Scarecrow Nancy Pelosi, the minority leader of the democrat party in Congress, who mumbles incoherent  nonsense when speaking, supports Mad Maxine. The Weak, Timid, Crying Chuck Schumer, whispered out a barely heard murmur of opposition to Mad Maxine and her matching orders of violence to her mad mob.

History will show The Trump Civil War  will be owned by the democrat traitors who are too weak to stop their mob. They could stop this madness by locking up their rabid dogs, but they are hoping for it to happen. Democrats are so out of touch with the real American people and its forgotten patriots, they have lost forever any sense of American patriotism.

Women are Targeted for Violence

When that violent act happens against a female member of the Trump administration, it will provide the spark for armed Civil War. Congress could take a preemptive move passing a law  to curb the hate speech inciting violence, but, hell will freeze over before democrats act with the Republicans. Free speech has its limits for civilized humans, but no limits for democrat psychopaths who have no conscience of right versus wrong. They are only focused on destroying Trump and his supporters with violent acts. The democrats have forever lost their moral compass of what is right and wrong. They believe with a frenzied passion that it’s their right to use physical force against anything or anyone Trump. Their sick brains have burnt out the stop switch that tells normal people to restrain from striking out and physically harming people. Rules don’t exist for this horde.

A dog with rabies cannot be reasoned with and the only way to stop that dog running at you to sink its teeth into your flesh, is to kill it. This will end up finally ridding our  great nation of the evil menace the democrat party has become. Maybe the burnt out carcass of democrats will be replaced with civilized humans. I doubt it, because they will be the ones responsible for turning the vast majority of the country’s populace into Trump supporters. Democrats will lose the civil war because they chose to attack families. The strong response for all normal Americans when their family is attacked is to turn and meet that threat head on. Democrats like Mad Maxine and her mob will be met with superior force. You do not attack families to get your way

The solution for patriotic Americans to have a shred of a chance in stopping the coming massacre is to vote democrats out of office this election. Fill congress with Trump supporters and maybe, just maybe, the crushing defeat of democrats will bring forth a strong, civilized leader out of the democrat ruins. A civilized democrat who can argue their position without resorting to violence. If that happens, President Trump will have Made America Great Again!

The Patriot

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