The Patriot

Patriot Revived was born to shout conservative opinion and commentary to the world. I want to wake up Americans by slapping them in the face with a loud, straight talking, in your face voice. TV inspired me because I can’t watch it anymore. Why?  I am sick and tired of listening to mindless, traitorous Democratic consultants. They spew the same venomous talking point lies all day long; they refuse to answer questions asked of them. They cannot move their lips without lying. They are joined by their co-conspirators, the media, the other Democratic shills masquerading as “reporters” who fit the definition of the word Traitor! Their goal is to trick the country into voting for democrats so they can all destroy the US Constitution. That party needs to be destroyed and start over again. I will explain how to destroy them with the facts, inspire you to spread the word.

Even my favorite network, Fox News, some reporters are scared to confront Democrats with their lies. They treat their guests with biased kid gloves, pampering them and avoid confronting them with the facts. Fox’s Chris Wallace and Shepard Smith display their democratic loyalty by destroying all objectivity by demonstrating their bias. They lean left. They should have joined the Hillary campaign. Both need to be fired so they can go to work for CNN or MSNBC. But in the meantime, I mute them off. I love that.

Born into a Family of Hero’s!

All the male relatives of my family served in World War II.  My Uncle lost his life during the war. Another uncle was crippled for life during basic training. My grandfather served as a Master Chief in the Navy in automotive and transportation. My father had two ships sunk from under him as a Chief Petty officer in the Pacific.

They were proud Americans and volunteered to serve in the war after Pearl Harbor was bombed. So, I grew up in a family of Patriots.

The history of my family is that my grandfather and grandmother emigrated here from Italy on my dad’s side in the late 1800s. The descendant’s on my mom’s side emigrated from England in the 1700s. They were all legal immigrants and came here for the American Dream. All the blood in my family bleeds red, white and blue.

So I am adding my voice and thoughts to my site and I welcome all the hateful comments Democrats, which stands at 38% of the country now, will bring.  I hope to shove the traitors into the past and destroy them before they destroy America. If I can convert just a small percent of the public to waking up to the truth I will consider my job well done.

Let’s put an end to them by joining as one voice! You can count on my help to destroy the fake news networks with a truthful, accurate analysis of their lies on the current hot topic news of the day. I only deal in provable facts. I write and talk in Trump speak because I always have written in a clear understandable voice. I talk like real American talks. I could give a rat’s ass to those that feel offended.  Snowflakes go cry in your corner or stand on the street and scream like a girl. That’s too bad for you because you’re in a free speech country and I can say what I want, how I want and when I want. You cannot silence me!

Democrats declared war on America and I will write all I can to stop them from winning. They have made my patriotic blood boil and if I can convert only one snowflake a year from now, it’s worth it.

That’s why I am The Patriot.