Cowardly Democrats Nazi Tricks And Lies About Judge Kavanaugh Backfires


Cowardly democrats Nazi tricks and lies about Kavanaugh Backfires! Thank you democrats, your George Soros paid bullies ran into Trump’s buzz saw. George Soros, with the help of his partners at CNN, tried his old Nazi bag of tricks of ambushing Republican senators in Congress. Democrats paid activists laid in wait to jump Senators at airports, dining out at restaurants, corner them in elevators then screaming and yelling at them. senate democrat leader, Fake Tears Chuck Schumer, announced within minutes of Judge Kavanagh’s  nomination that the democrats will fight with everything they’ve got to stop him from getting on the Supreme Court.

Fake Tears Little Girl Voice Dr. Ford

Senator Dianne Feinstein held Dr. Ford’s letter under wraps as the democrats’ ace in the hole, to spring it on the committee by leaking it to the press after the herring was over. Their star witness, Dr. Ford, flanked by her democrat activist lawyers, put on the performance of her life. Her lawyers coached her, practiced her lies and the way to make them sound truthful got exposed. Hey dems, you got what you wished for, now lose the war!

Dr. Christine Ford sprung her fake little girl victim’s voice, joke of fake tears and terrible act of playing a victim that fell apart after her witnesses swore under oath of felony she was lying about the incident. They never heard of such a crazy story and never met or knew Judge Kavanaugh back in high school. High School!

Dr. Ford has been exposed as a fraud, a Nazi democrat victim planted and coached by the democrats who lied under oath. Turns out she was a total fake democrat victim of Judge Kavanaugh after the FBI completed their supplemental investigation. Not one witness backed her story up and said they never knew or met  Brett Kavanaugh in high school, ever! Hey, I’m all for rape or sexual assault victims speaking out and being believed, but normal victims have witnesses, evidence and the time and location of where their assault took place. But, false accusations against a man or woman should mean jail time for the false accusers and liars.

Senator Spartacus Booker Hilarious

The democrats proved they are evil, and will destroy a man’s effect life including his wife and his two precious daughters into their created nightmare of destruction. The devil could not create more evil despicable liars and destroyers of lives than the socialist democrats. They turned the Nazi playbook into their own game  of destruction, except for one huge mistake, the democrats got caught up in their own web of Dr. Ford’s lies. Senator Spartacus Booker is a joke to the human race. He and senator Kamala Harris are as despicable as human beings can become. Correct that, they don’t stop at adults but must include 8 year  old little girls as their victims of destruction. Hell, the democrats won’t be satisfied until they dig deep into a five year old’s kindergarten days 45 years ago of pulling a little girl’s pigtails then, “that’s proof”, calling that five year old boy a future rapist in the making. Hang em high, he’s not fit for office. Then senator Spartacus will stop his hunt for victim actors to testify.

Senator Flake Perfect Name Flakey

Senator Flakey Flake is the poster boy of cowardice. Just look at that wilted flower in the elevator who could be bullied by crazy Psyco paid for protestors. Disgusting! Patriotic Americans who come forward to serve their country should brush Soros’ protestors aside and show their spine. Mob rule is the socialist democrats’ cowards’ way of resisting. I predict a huge backlash against these democrat traitors by Republican voters. More registered democrats will swing and vote for Republican candidates. The angry Fake News will call out the disgusting deplorables for voting for republicans .Reject mob rule and Vote Republican and President Trump wins again!

The Patriot

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