Senators, Voters Won’t Change Your Diapers This Time!

Democrats and Rinos Unite against Trump

“Warning! Plain Trump straight talk words spoken below.
Snowflakes, you’ve been warned. Read at your own peril!”

By The Patriot
February 18, 2018

This is our shared view; President Trump is a vulgar, boorish lout who would never be welcome in our club. Democrats and Rinos unite against Trump to finally solve our problem and that is impeaching Trump to get rid of him.

Really Senators, President Trump’s supporters will send you home to mommy all by your lonesome so you can smell up your hometown with all the lying crap you fed voters to get elected. What you didn’t know, dummies, your voters are taking your lying crap and readying upcoming 2018 primary ads after they discovered you double crossed them just as soon as you got to Washington. You should be deathly afraid that a Democrat will win by running ads with your lying quotes! Remember, Hillary lost because nobody trusted her, she lied. It’s a new electorate here in America. You will stand in front of the mirror and ask your Dumb Ass Reflection “How did I lose?”

Senators in Love….with Themselves!

How? You got addicted to standing in front of your Washington mirror, and listening to yourself telling yourself; “President Trump is a boorish, vulgar lout who would never be welcome in our club. He is a man I don’t even want to be seen with in public. I’m afraid his classless stink will stick to me. After all, I’m a lackey paid for by the lobbyists and owe my allegiance to them”; “I am so smart”; “I am a senator”; “I won and was sent here because my poor little peasant voters know I have all the answers. They believed me”; “ I’m so pretty”; “They love me because I know what’s best for the poor little people that chose me to help them”; “They trust me”; “I am such a great speaker”; “Senator, aren’t you the pretty one?”; “They’ll always re-elect me.”

The wicked witch talking to the mirror in Snow White asking who’s the most beautiful in the land can’t hold a candle to Republican Senators in Washingtonland.

Yes, dear Rinos, the jokes on you. President Trump has forever changed and brought out the forgotten voters who have been screwed by you Washington Toadies for the last 30 years.

You may block his agenda during this election cycle, but when he revs up his base this upcoming election against you and shouts out the clown act you jokers pulled off on your voters, He will bring the wrath of hell or, better put, “fire and fury” down upon your worthless asses. You saw what happened in the last 8 years to the lying Democrats and their Muslim Liar in Chief, Obama. They were crushed, lost over 1000 elected office seats.

Rinos are Clowns

You Rino clowns think you have President Trump boxed in to fail, but Stupid is genetically inherited by you idiot losers. Senators, don’t you realize that you have given President Trump all the ammunition he needs! You’re helping, or aiding and abetting him into cunningly plotting to tell your voters “Get em the hell out of here, and send me somebody who wants to work for the people and not take 9 months of a year off on a revolving door vacation job.” He naively thought he had a Kumbaya moment after he was declared the winner in the Presidential election. His naiveté didn’t realize all the while those smiling senators were flashing him a thumps up, they were whispering to each other, “We got to get rid of this son of a bitch.”

He yells out that he has to get America out of the mess the Swampsters turned our country into. The swamp creatures heard him and plotted his destruction. President Trump thought Washington now loved him, but was slow to learn, behind the smiles, it really was hate. The true love came from the people who elected him. He has the power of the people waiting for his call to arms, only Washington does not realize that fact yet. He will fight back, or go down in flames trying to win the war to make America Great Again. So will his followers, real Americans called Patriots. President Trump is a winner.

An aside, Leader Mitch McConnell, is now so old; he couldn’t lead a pack of hungry puppies to their feed dish, let alone, that pack of backstabbing, lying, double crossing Senate wolves who would eat their young to stay in Washington. McConnell pulls out a hanky to girly wave off objections from his majority and responds with a soft “Tsk, Tsk. My friends, we’re all gentleman here.” Kick out the weak old man. Bring on a young tough Trumper as leader and change the filibuster 60 vote rule. Screw the Democrats like they’ve been screwing ALL republicans for years. Destroy the Democrats. They’re winning every fight because they yell and bully you sissy Republicans who run away and hide under the bed in defeat by fear. Why does this happen?  Because Democrats know, like all bullies know when you yell loud insults and threaten weaklings with slurs, they shrink away like a limp noodle. Instead, they should fight back by punching them in the nose, like Trump would. We learned this lesson in school; born wimps stay wimps (Rino Republicans) when they grow up. Rinos should switch from Republican to Democrat.

Trump may Lose the Battle …..but, Will Win the War!

President Trump will not lose the war the establishment republicans have declared on him. They are ignoring 50 years of Trump being underestimated. President Trump is realizing that there can be no peace as Democrats and Rinos unite against Trump. Victory will only come when he destroys the establishment. That fact now has slapped him in the face. He’s coming for you! In the end, he always wins.

The Patriot

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