Democrats Bet On A Blue Wave Victory in 2018 Election By Doubling Down Against Judge Kavanaugh Victory


Democrats bet on a blue wave victory in 2018 Election by doubling down against Judge Kavanaugh victory. They took George Soros’ backed groups’ money and organized a revolt in Washington by women. They bet that their screaming and yelling at the yes voters in the Senate will dramatically boost their odds of taking control of the House and Senate in 2018.

This paid democrat mob was backed by the cast of  “I wanna be president” characters in the Senate perfectly depicted in the Tina Toon cartoon above. They truly believe with every fiber in their wacko heads that this will  win for them in  the 2018 election and only they can beat Trump in 2020. They see the paid mob of women screaming and shouting their screechy voices of hate at yes voters for Kavanaugh. They didn’t stop there and followed “Mad” Maxine Waters advice to be a mob. They stormed Senator’s offices and homes and even tried breaking down the Supreme Court’s building doors during his swearing in ceremony. These women are all from Washington area liberal homes, daughters of dentists, doctors and political operatives.

The radical angry left wing mob have taken over the democrat  party. Radical democrats are the mob. The entire democrat party has turned radical. Look at their leaders: Fake Tears Schumer who vowed to oppose any person Trump nominated to the Supreme Court; “Mad” Maxine Waters impeach 45; Senator Spartacus Booker, who everyone giggles at now when Spartacus Speaks; “never go away” Hillary, who’s not wanted even by radical democrats and last but not least Nazi collection boy , billionaire  George Soros who funds all the radical angry left wing mobs everywhere.

The Backlash Surprise

The backlash surprise is being formed into a red wave as I predicted. A mob does not think, does not reason but has one laser focused goal in mind and that is to destroy their target. A mob has no respect for rules or law. A mob believes they must enforce  their own law on their objective by force. Angry left wing democrat mobs use violence to achieve their goal. The democrats know very well they have achieved their socialist agendas through unelected socialist judges because Congress would never pass their wacky socialist ideas.

One needs to look no further than Crazy Commie, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who is the most stupid, ignorant woman in America. She opposes the “Kavanaugh inauguration.” Dumbass, he’s sworn in, not inaugurated! That does not compare to her other numerous idiotic statements listed here on the Daily Caller.

American Socialism is on it’s Deathbed

Now the left wing angry socialist democrats know their 40 year  reign of imposing socialism on Americans, by unelected federal judge’s decisions. They ruled that illegal aliens who broke the law must be given welfare, health care, housing, and a right to stay here illegally under our immigration laws. This democrat agenda has led to the roots of MS 13 being put in every major city in America. Sanctuary cities release illegal murderers and drug smugglers into our neighborhoods to kill law abiding patriotic American legal citizens. That will now be taken away from activist judges and now democrats see their agenda soon to be shattered. American Socialism is on it’s Deathbed. Good riddance!

This angry left wing mob has created a surprise backlash by energizing Republican voters and those wonderful independents like never before. That  huge Red wave is coming as I predicted months ago! President Trump is making America Great again, now let’s keep Republicans in power. Vote in 2018!

The Patriot

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