Democrats, Beware of The Invisibles!


Democrats, Beware of The Invisibles because they are going to end up biting you on the ass in 2018. Who are The Invisibles? First order of business is to explain how the democrats view the upcoming  2018 election. I don’t know the polling services they use for internal polling, but the direction of their campaigns are all wrong.

Democrats have sadly become the party of hate, anger and screamers that all is bad in America. Therefore, elect them and everybody will become happy. If any democrat crosses paths with a red Make America Great Again hat, it’s like waving a red flag in front of a bull. They violently react by ripping the hat off or spit on or shove the Trump supporter. Are you kidding me? Seeing a hat enrages democrats enough to strike out violently  against the supporter. Fake News reporting is responsible for riling democrats up to these levels.

Fake News is Baaack

Fake News 2018 coverage of President Trump as reported by the Harvard Poll, the Pew Poll, and the Wall-Streeter Journal/NBC poll said 91% of Trump stories were negative. In 2017 it was 93% negative. That means the headlines were all hate Trump. Hating Trump stories from CNN,  NBC, MSNBC, ABC, and CBS were all biased and designed to create hatred against him. Their vile motives were clear by the FACT that the closest ex-President to him in negative stories was 30% less than Trump, only 61% by George Bush.

The master plan for all the reporters and organizations are to keep hammering President Trump. They tell each other, “we will win the war and rid the country of Trump. He cannot survive our campaign of making him look bad, evil ,stupid, a liar and a traitor. Eventually the whole country will turn against him. We’re protected by the US Constitution and Trump can’t do anything about our lies. If we could only get rid of Fox News and The Drudge Report , we could get him impeached. We are indestructible.” That is why they purposely are trying to destroy Trump by writing nine hateful and negative stories to only one positive story. Yes, the leftist socialist reporters are right except for one little bird, Twitter.

Tweet Tweet

Twitter, of which President Trump will be called the greatest Tweeter in history, prevents those dumb as rocks reporters from getting people to believe them. They are unhinged he gets to message the country via his Twitter account, @realDonaldTrump  instead of them. He bypasses them so they can’t print their lies and goes directly to the public. It’s so funny and hilarious to watch the White House press briefings. Phony Jim Acosta jumping up and down in his seat like a first grader, “call on me, call on me, it’s not fair, you got to call on me, please, please call on me. Aww, you never call on me.”

The patriotic public has gotten so sick and tired of all this negativity, It doubles down on making stupid Fake News reporters go completely crazy because they are being ignored. They’ve become irrelevant. Newspapers are going broke, the Cartoon Network has more viewers than CNN which means they are losing the battles and the war on Trump. Fake News is not believed anymore by 90% of Republicans, 65% of Independent voters and an amazing 40% of democrats. Trump is making reporters irrelevant and that makes these dummies unhinged. Nobody believes reporters anymore and that’s a good thing.

Introducing The Invisibles

So, this brings us back to who are The Invisibles. The Invisibles are all those people who refuse to tell democrat biased pollsters the truth and really play the pollsters game better than they do. The public got real smart fast listening to Trump’s tweets @realDonaldTrump telling them the truth in his own words. It comes directly from the President. Why should he trust Fake News to tell the truth about anything he says or does? So he bypasses them. Americans once again show they are 10X smarter than the traitorous democrats and their socialist buddies, the mainstream media think they are. In fact they are not mainstream media, they’ve made themselves into the barely trickle stream media!

Not one person can name one act of violence by a conservative Trump supporters since the inauguration against a democrat or Bernie supporter. If out in public  you wear the red Make America Great Again hat, you get violently attacked by leftist, socialist democrats. So you become an invisible supporter of President Trump. You don’t answer crooked pollsters questions, you sit back silently and let them publish their false poll results. You know they are phony poll results, even if you answered them, it wouldn’t be reported truthfully.

Oh boy, is the democrat socialist party going to get a surprise in the 2018 election. The democrats ignore The Invisibles because they believe their own phony polls. That’s why President Trump won the Presidency. All the democrat polls were wrong by 12- 16%. So democrats, add in a polling error of +12-16% for President Trump’s congressional supporters in the 2018 election and your blue wave becomes a drop of water. Not even a trickle, uh, maybe not even a drop of a wave. It will backfire and create the second midterm Red Wave ever in history in 2018!

Democrats Are Entertaining

The democrats and Fake News reporters are a cult. They all look into the mirror and ask it “am I the greatest righter of the Trump wrong who stole the election from Hillary?” They answer their own question, ignoring all others outside their cult, by talking back to the mirror, “ Why, yes you are the smartest, greatest righter of Trump wrong who stole the election. Just ask your friends, they’ll all tell you exactly the same thing you’re saying, you are all great and smart and right.” It’s like watching a hilarious Saturday Night Live skit from the good old funny days.

It’s so much fun watching them think they’re pointing a gun of destruction at Trump when they’re really aiming at their foot each time they pull the trigger. Go Crazy Commie Cortez, goThey are ensuring that Americans will win this election. Thank you stupids.

Patriots, let’s make the socialist democrats who want to destroy capitalism, impeach Trump, raise your taxes and take your guns away cry like babies again on election night. Let’s get rid of these anti American assholes. Vote pro Trump.

The Patriot

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