Democrats Destroy Supreme Court Nominee Kavanaugh, “Impeachment Soon”


Democrats destroy Supreme Court Nominee Kavanaugh is a dream come true for Trump impeachment wish dreams. You can see them foaming at the mouth during the Senate confirmation hearings. Democrats little beady eyes are atwitching and voices cracking as they try to trap Judge Kavanaugh. They must destroy Judge Kavanaugh to right the wrong of Trump winning the election. Can you believe only  America’s 1st Amendment of the Constitution allows democrat traitors and their socialist followers to yell for the overthrow of our country? Only in America.

Imagine how other countries governments treat those who riot in opposition  to their governments. If they are true voting democracies, their oily skinned snake oil politicians surrender to opposition and fold to their wishes like a cheap rag. That is how the socialists took over Europe, Londonstan (once beautiful London) and welcomed in the muslim terrorists. Terrorists from Isis, al Qaeda and all the other muslim Mideast groups who want to destroy the infidels (non-muslims) and impose sharia law onto the west, us.

Imagine during World II if Britain France and the United States opened their borders to anyone who wanted to enter with no identification.  Hitler and the third Reich would have rolled on the floor hysterically laughing themselves silly at the stupidity of their enemies. They would have flooded those countries with bomb carrying Nazi saboteurs and destroyed their enemies, us, within one year and we all would be speaking German today.  Not to mention being forced to salute our Nazi flags.

Hey Kavanaugh Protestors, move to Russia or Iran

You see what happens in Iran to anybody who opposes the radicals in that religious extremist muslim country who wants to  destroy America. The military extremis of the Ayatollah shoot them in the streets. Or take the elected dictator of Russia, Putin, who kills his opponents or throws them in prison if they speak out against him.

Look at the democrat paid crazies who interrupt the Supreme Court nominee’s hearing. They are given a ticket and allowed back in after they get back in line again. Not executed! This wonderful man, Judge Kavanaugh is probably the most qualified talented pick ever. He had to send his young daughters out of the hearing room after being forced to listen to the hateful lies they kept yelling at their father. The proudest moment in their father’s life, democrat socialists are trying to stop President Trump, who won the election, by destroying the hearings. Violence, Chuckie Schumer is only one crazy democrat away and it will fall on your slimy, lying  greasy  politician’s fault. I’ve got one piece of advice to the democrat interrupters, “Hey Kavanaugh Protestors, move to Russia or Iran.”

“Impeachment Soon”

Chuckie Schumer, answered the impeachment question back, “When are you going to impeach him?”, to a shouted supporter during the hearing as he was getting back into his car. “Soon, we just need to get a few more republicans joining us. Then we got him!” So, the traitorous senate democrats plan to impeach the President is out in the open. If you can’t win the election, weaponize the phony impeachment thanks to the FBI’s framing President Trump by planting evidence and spying on his campaign with wiretaps. This attempted coup d’état of a president is a first in American history and we have Hillary to thank for it.  She paid for the phony dossier.

The Senate Republicans are showing a newfound backbone of courage thanks to president Trump. They are going to vote yes on judge Kavanaugh for the United States Supreme Court because that is what their voters want them to do. Vote yes on Judge Kavanaugh, or get your ass voted out of office. Senators Lil Bobby Corker or Jeff Flaky Flake anyone?

To stop the coup d’état and impeachment of President Trump, Trump supporters get off your asses and show the socialist democrats you ain’t going to let them take over. Beat their asses at the voting booths this election and send them looking for more safe spaces. I love watching them cry their eyes out on election night.

The Patriot

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