Democrats Destroyed Republicans During FBI’s Mr. Stroe-Zakk Testimony


Democrats destroyed Republicans during the FBI agent, Mr. Stroe-Zakk’s testimony. They looked like the townsfolk storming Frankenstein’s castle at night with pitchforks and torches and the poor Republicans were looking out the castle windows in terror as the mob rushed the doors. Mr. Stroe-Zakk, the FBI’s counter intelligence lead Trump Investigator, is the agent  who started the Trump Russia collusion witch hunt. Mr. Stroe-Zakk portrayed himself as Captain America saving the country from the evil Trump. His chin was held high, his beady little eyes narrowed every time a Republican congressman asked questions. His all-knowing frozen, sick, Smirk smile on his face during his testimony, broadcast his disdain and hatred for them. How dare the smelly, ignorant hillbilly, Trump supporting Congressmen dare question his no bias attitude towards Donald Trump. His said his text “Trump is a fucking idiot” and “we’ll stop him” showed no bias.

Sorry readers, I diverge from the news story because I keep laughing every time I remember the entire democrat, black Congresswomen always calling him Mr. Stroe-Zakk, Mr. Stroe-Zakk! Peter Strzok’s name is pronounced Strock, like rock with an ST in front of it. his name is weirdly spelled S t r z o k and is pronounced Strock. These are ignorant, low IQ, sub human species morons, who probably do not even measure on the IQ scale, and are the most stupid people on the planet. They display their ignorance by butchering FBI agent Strzok’s name. They beat Fake News reporters in the stupid race.

Yet their voters keep voting for them and keeping them in office. All of those democrat black representatives, especially the women like Sheila Jackson Lee and Bonnie Watson Coleman kept calling him Mr. Stroe-Zakk and it was so stupid which made their mispronouncing it so funny. The black representatives are all elected from the inner cities, and for over 50 years kept promising their voters free stuff. They have never helped them, and I mean never, helped their voters with jobs or bettering their lives. That’s another huge reason why they keep their constituents in poverty, because their voters like the promises they make but never keep. All they hear is the free stuff promises.

Smirky Strzok was so condescending and lied through his teeth  so often at the hearing he needs to be prosecuted for perjury. I couldn’t take my eyes off him. I kept hoping somebody would punch that frozen smirk off his face. Now, by watching him testify, his performance was so smarmy and unbelievably dis honest, the polls will show 70% of Americans did not believe him. That’s what makes it such a tragedy that this evil Trump hater set out to sabotage a Presidential election. He destroyed Americans’ trust in the FBI for the next 50 years. His actions for framing Trump, spoken by his own words written in his texts to his married lover, Lisa Paige, was so damaging to law enforcement. He crippled the 99.9% honest FBI agents who are risking their lives every day to keep America safe. His actions were beyond disgraceful.

The hearing’s democrats showed why their goal is to destroy America by backing this liar up by heaping gooey praise on Smirky Strzok each time a democrat spoke. It is so clear to unbiased citizens watching his mannerisms and chin strutting, smirky smile to congressional Republicans that he never should have been an FBI agent. The 30% of support the democrats get will never change. These rabid supporters of Hillary would have let her off if they watched a video of her murdering children. In their twisted minds, no democrat should ever be punished for a criminal act. It shows why democrats believe Illegal aliens should never be punished for breaking our laws. That is exactly the reason why the democrats established sanctuary cities and demand illegal immigrants who commit murder are set free with no punishment.

Our country is now in a sick dark place thanks to the democrats. America’s Civil War just needs a spark to ignite It  and spiral our country into a bloody war. Compare the extreme differences as to how republicans on the committee hearing acted to the crazed democrats who screamed and yelled every time a question was asked that would implicate democrats. they wanted to stop the disgraceful Smirky Strzok from answering those questions.

Democrats screamed and yelled out ignoring House rules. We’re also not far away from democrats in congress using violence to stop opposing  Congressional members from exposing their crimes. In other words, democrats showed their true colors as to aiding and abetting all the violence against Trump supporters from daring to speak out and expose democrat criminal acts. Free speech rights must be stopped at all costs and it’s okay to use violence to stop Republicans from speaking. My God, one of the sickest statements came from democrat Congressman Cohen, offering a Purple Heart to Smirky Strzok at the hearing. That congressman spit and shit on every American who served in our military and was wounded or killed in service to their country to earn our Purple Heart Award. Disgraceful beyond belief. Democrats!

Again, most of the democrats at the hearing repeated time after time like squawking parrots, about how President Trump is ripping kids away from their crime committing illegal immigrant’s parents. Recent statistics show that 80% of those kids were with smugglers posing as their parents and not their real parents. Democrats are betting the farm that their support of illegal aliens will win the 2018 election this fall. They think the destroyed the Republicans. Thank you God for making democrats so stupid. They are never going to win control of  the House of Representatives back. Dems, keep riding that corpse of illegal immigrants as your campaign horse. Please!

The Peter Strzok hearing again  demonstrated to the world how out of touch with reality the bizarre democrats are. They displayed such twisted anti American sentiments when these idiots applauded Smirky Strzok after he finished a three minute tirade against President Trump. He did not hold back on proclaiming to all what a patriotic hero he was in performing his duty to sabotage the American Presidential election to prevent Trump from becoming President.

Democrat House members showed they were all raised by animals and became a hateful species of violence promoting, elite, misguided American traitors by their lack of respect for anything good and decent. The traitor Peter Strzok deserves a public hanging for all the damage he did to the FBI and the country.  They applauded him! Did anybody else other than the 30% zombie, democrat cult supporters watching the Jerry Springer Show 2.0 believe the megalomaniac Peter Strzok’s testimony? I don’t think so. Now, get off your asses and vote more Republicans into office to help President Trump.

The Patriot

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