Democrats Know How to Kick Their Opponent’s Ass in a Fight to Win a Seat in Congress

Democrats Know How to Kick Their Opponent’s Ass in a Fight

Democrats know how to kick anyone’s ass who opposes them. Now this is whether they are running for Congress, or appearing as guests on a TV news show. They are vicious, guiltless, and mean and would lie to God if he stood in front of them to beat their opponent down. They have no shame or guilt about what they do or say to win an election or get their point across to the dumbass masses. They lie with arrogance because they know they will not be called out on their lies. They want to get elected by any means possible as proven by Hillary and Lying Muslim Obama framing Trump.

They are in a war to destroy America and are winning every one of the battles right now, except one. They declared war on anyone who opposes them. They will do and say anything to reach their goal of shredding the Constitution and getting rid of our guns and borders.

Look at what Mexico’s doing now. They opened the floodgates to every piece of human shit that wants to come to America. Can you believe the pictures of the thousands of illegals coming here now to disappear in our country, never to show up for their court date two years after they’ve been caught? But California, New York, Maryland and Minnesota welcome them with open arms and give those illegals the right to vote defying Federal laws. It’s all part of the Democratic traitors plan to destroy America. The traitors are executing that plan to perfection. They’ve got an army in waiting ready to take up arms and overthrow the government when the democrats give them the signal to start the bloody revolution.

Are There Any People Left Who Have The Guts to Run For Congress and Fight For Patriots?

America, wake the fuck up. I’m talking to all you Americans who are too gutless to fight for your country by running for office to stop the democrats. Where are all the patriots now, to carry on the legacy of the patriots of the past to continue protecting and serving their country? We need you to step up and come forward now! You are abandoning past patriots that made this country great and strong throughout its history. We have enemies within our borders, realize that fact and come forward and kick those traitors’ ass. Then give them a kick in the balls for good measure as they go down. Smash them! Destroy their will to ever lie again. You all are so afraid of running for office.

You are letting President Trump fight the battle alone. He needs your help. All you chicken shits better grow a spine like all the Trump voters did in the election of 2016. Take a good look at them; they are true patriots who wanted to save their country. They stood in line for hours to make sure their vote counted for Trump! We don’t need any more slimy politicians in Congress. I can’t believe what you didn’t learn from the last election to help Trump make America great again? Just talk straight to the American people. Plain straight talk like the kid from Queens did. Be honest. Tell the truth. But, most of all go out and be a bigger bully than that cowardly democrat you will run against.

You must have the stomach to get in a down and dirty fight to crush your opponent. In school, no playground pussy ever became successful in life after graduation. If they didn’t have the guts to try to stand up and fight the kid bigger than them, they will never win in life or a political race. The Republican Party is yours for the taking. What I can’t believe is how very few people understand why Trump won. Those that get it, run for office. The people will back you up. YOU WILL WIN!

Republicans Are Intentional Losers

I can’t believe how stupid Republican primary voters act all the time. They’re Stupid because they always choose the worst candidate to go up against a very determined Democrat who will stop at nothing to win. More stupid because you seem to fall for the Republican establishment bullshit fed to you by the establishment primary nominee. And add the most stupid by not voting for the Trump supporting nominee who will back the President on his winning policies. You can bet your ass you boost the Democratic traitors’ hopes of winning through the roof, every time.

I honestly believe Republicans Are Intentional Losers. They are so blinded with establishment Never Trump vitriolic hatred; they prefer losing seats in Congress to realizing the unpolished Trump offers winning, common sense, and successful business formulas to make American Patriots proud of their country again. Hey stupid’s! Trump won the election, and let me remind you, 65 million people voted for him, probably including your vote.

Pick the winning horse in your primaries this time and we will keep control, no, strengthen Republican control by giving the President help to enact his programs. The never Trump Congressmen retired like flies on a pile of horseshit fleeing away from a spray of Raid insect killer. Good riddance!

Take notice! President Trump got a large chunk of Democrats to vote for him, and they will vote for his guy or gal, that pledges their support to him in the 2018 election. He showed you how to win. Let’s kick some democrat ass for a change and watch them cry again. Let’s make America Great Again.

by The Patriot
April 1, 2018

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