Democrats Win Bigly on Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s Lies About Judge Kavanaugh


Democrats win Bigly on Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s lies about Judge Brett Kavanaugh because democrats say, “Truth Be Damned!” The extreme socialist fools of the democrat party’s freak show circus on display in Congress and throughout America have finally gone too far. These idiot assholes have finally destroyed themselves and lost even the few sane democrats still existing in  the country. Trump patriots across the country have been riled up to vote against the democrat clowns trying to hijack America and shred the US Constitution.

Dr. Christine Ford, the democrat supporter and puppet, lies about the honorable Supreme Court nominee Bret Kavanaugh, have been proven to be untrue. Dr. Ford will never show up to testify under oath and it bears repeating, Dr. Ford will never show up and testify because her lies about Judge Kavanaugh are now proven to be lies.

Thank God the never ending democrat’s Hate Trump Resistance finally became too much. Not even one witness of the sexual assault party she named, recently  testified under oath, doesn’t recall ever attending that party or even Kavanaugh being  there. The Republicans sent their investigators to get their signed statements sworn under oath and penalty of a felony if they lied. They swore they don’t even remember such a party ever happening.

The  Resist and Destroy Trumpers are Celebrating

The Trump resistance agents performed psychological warfare on her to refresh her memory. The reason this became her memory, for six days the extreme democrats pounded her in secret meetings their lies they wanted her to remember that Kavanaugh was the one who did this to her. So after the drip, drip of feeding her brain their story that they wanted  her to tell the world took hold and became a cemented fact in her mind.

No doubt she was probably sexually assaulted during that time as a 15 year old in her drunken stupor memory. C’mon people, she can’t remember the house, can’t remember the street, can’t remember the month, can’t remember the time this assault occurred. The loony socialist extremist democrats finally got her to remember their story they made up about, “it was Judge Kavanaugh that did this to you.”

The democrats know their reign of having activist extreme leftist judges who make up laws where there is none to push their opinion of the law should be policies for the last 40 years is over. Sane, normal judges who apply the laws as passed by Congress will put an end to federal activist judges unelected by anyone, making it law their extreme socialist democrat policies that Congress would never pass ends. The democrat takeover of the destruction of the USA is finished. America will be America again, and Donald Trump is Making America Great again.

Crazy Commie Cortez is Back!

The Crazy Commie, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and all the other democrat socialist extremists who are running for Congress proudly shout to their voters, “I am proud to be a socialist.”  They will abolish ICE. They want to take your guns away from you.  They want to wipe out our borders and let illegal aliens take over the country. They want America to become like Venezuela. I got to say it again, Crazy Commie Cortez is the dumbest 28 year old in America. You can put a pretty face on a Communist and our stupid, stupid millennials believe the bullshit she feeds those idiots.

The democrat Senators have put on the most disgusting, shameful sleazy circus of personal attacks on Judge Brett Kavanaugh ever seen before. It is beyond shameful even for Washington’s democrat Senators who have sunken lower than hell in their sleazy destruction of a great man’s life. Patriots rise up and vote these democrat monsters out of office this election. Our country’s survival is at stake. Tell your Senators to vote Judge Kavanaugh onto the Supreme Court, we deserve him serving our country enforcing the laws. Give President Trump the Republican supporters he needs in Congress and across the land. Say NO to the democrats by voting for Republicans this election.

The Patriot

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