Democrats Order Trump to Beg Them on His Knees for Permission to Protect America or Else!

Democrats order Trump to beg them on his knees

Democrats order Trump to beg them on his knees for permission to protect America. The losing traitorous democrats recently took the obstruction of Trump’s presidency to a new level. Treasonous! Let’s go over why they feel so strong.

Let’s take a trip down Impeach Trump Lane. They say the polls show a blue wave this 2018 election. Mueller raided Trump’s personal lawyer’s office, Michael Cohen; the New York anti Trump prosecutors has taken charge guided by a Democrat lackey who was appointed to the case, U.S. District Judge Kimbra Wood. Meanwhile fired FBI Director Mean Girl James Comey is on the red carpet tour promoting his Mean Girls book. Let’s not forget The Trump collusion with Russia is in the bag and the public polls indicating their belief in the collusion facts as backed up by the Fake News means one thing, democrats own President Trump.

Trump has to do their bidding or else. They demand that the President bend down on his knees, and then as democrats pull their pants and panties down to stick their bare asses in his face, he must kiss each stinky ass one by one to get democrat’s permission for any actions he wants to take as President.

Hell, just look at the way they treat his nominee for Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo. As a Christian, he must denounce his faith and proclaim his approval for gay sex. He must agree to stop the President from talking mean to North Korea, Iran and Russia. Mr. Pompeo, we insist you must wear a dress on your trip to their countries and greet them with a bouquet of flowers and a box of candy, bow, and then get down on your knees and kiss their outstretched hand. We want you to appease those leaders or else we vote NO on your approval as Secretary of State.

Democrat Free Speech Police Forbid Blacks from Using their Right to Free Speech

Oh, and look at what happened to the great black musical artist Kanye West, a vocal Trump supporter. How dare he speak out for another conservative black Trump follower, Candace Owens, an articulate black woman. He spoke out in support of her right to free speech in America. Traitorous Democrats can’t have black people speaking out in the United States because blacks must stay quiet on the Democrat slave plantations in America. You might get the other slaves thinking they have a right to free speech in their country and they would no longer support their Democrat masters after listening to Kanye and Candace. Free speech is not allowed for any black people who can think for themselves. Or Hispanics,  gays, Christians, and any other minority who likes what President Trump has accomplished in destroying ISIS, creating jobs, getting people higher wages, and the triumph in getting the economy on a roll.

The democrat controlled free speech police will lose control of their enslaved followers who dare to speak out and break free from the chains of their democrat masters. The Dems cry out as  Satan’s agents, “Devil help us”, they might vote Republican. The democrats keep sending out fundraising letters to get more money for obstructing Trump, seeking his impeachment, spewing lies and porn star rumors to everybody their Fake News lackeys report as breaking news. Send us more money to STOP TRUMP! Hey Kanye and Candace, how dare you violate democrat law, get back in your chains.

Executive Privilege

People just imagine this happening to you. Your attorney has been your attorney in business and personal affairs for 10 years. You live a crime free and honest life and do everything by the law. You file your taxes every year, never ever got a traffic ticket and you worked hard and made a lot of honest money. You support the police and the military and you are a patriot in the USA. You are elected to office over your crooked democratic opponent. But, your crooked opponent who pays off crooked lawyers, crooked cops, crooked judges and makes money the easy way by being a crook who never gets caught. There lies the problem with a crook. They can’t believe anybody could ever be honest and the honest guy only won by lying to the voters and hiding his crimes.

President Trump’s words spoken to anybody in private is protected speech by the United State Constitution. It is called Executive Privilege. That is as sacred as you talking to your doctor or priest. Only the President can give his approval for anyone to know  what he said. Executive Privilege is and has been protected since the birth of our country. But the slimeball Mueller, Rosenstein, FBI, prosecutors and judges, democrat supporters all, must get Trump by shredding the Constitution. First step was getting a wiretap listening to all his phone calls for the last 90 days between him and his lawyer, Michael Cohen. Second step, raid his lawyer’s office and get all the documents between him and Trump. The democrat Swampsters in the Swamp are exacting their revenge. Fuck attorney client privilege! Fuck Executive Privilege!

We Nailed Trump!

All the democrats in Congress think they finally caught Trump. They are crooks, liars and thieves. He has to be one too. Put a fork in him, he’s done. We got his ass. Now, let’s make him kiss our ass to order toilet paper for the White House.

Ah, but they will discover the hard way when they put it on, there’s a tack in their bra. The tack is Trump. They really think they can break him. They obstruct his nominees and as all the President’s men and women loudly proclaim, it will take 11 years to get them approved by Congress, compared to 1 ½ years for Obama’s nominees to get approved. The Trump hating Washington Post gave the President the elusive Geppetto Checkmark. President Trump tells the truth like Pinocchio’s puppet maker, Geppetto. No Pinocchio’s (lie score) awarded to President Trump. And he will kick your traitorous asses in 2018 with his handpicked candidates for Congress.

I predict Trump will gain ten more House members and add six more Senators in 2018. Thank the Voters. That’s why everyday he says we need more Republicans in Congress. Mueller and his band of crooks will feel the revenge of Trump when they clear him. He will heap loads of shit on them and they will wish they never picked a fight with the kid from Queens. He will ruin what’s left of their life. I hope he puts all their asses in jail.

Democrats order Trump to get on his knees and kiss their ass. Trump says, you fools just bet your ass against me. Oh how stupid you morons are. You are winning these itsy bitsy battles , but Trump knows how to win the war. Just ask ISIS. He’s gonna come for you and he will make you all pay for trying to destroy his beloved America.

The Patriot

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