Democrats Place Big Bet On Illegals’ Caravan Paid for by George Soros Will Win Them the 2018 Election


Democrats place big bet on illegals’ caravan paid for by George Soros will win them the 2018 Election. They are picking out their offices and measuring the curtains in the House of Representatives for when they win back control. Democrat leaders have cooked up the Caravan plan betting those poor innocent illegals will make Americans feel sorry for the 12,000 young men coming here. They think this will convince all Americans to welcome them here with open arms. Democrats don’t want to even whisper any comment on the mob of illegal animals planning to bust through our borders. That 12,000 horde of  lawbreakers show no respect for our country. The dems know their election hopes are in deep shit because of that mob. Beware of the Invisibles!

The Fake News media, the democrat’s partners, only film one woman with children out of every thousand men their democrat sponsors use as shields to interview and broadcast on CNN. Oh! Let’s not forget MSNBC, CBS, ABC and all the other media that focuses on the women and children shields they push to the front of the caravan as blockers for the illegal aliens. I left out NBC because for the first time since President Trump was elected, they headlined the news that President Trump right now has set a new NBC poll record as being more popular than the Muslim Secret Agent, Barrack Hussein Obama. That is the first positive headline NBC ran since the night of the 2016 presidential  election.

Trump’s Poll Numbers Skyrocket Up

President Trump is more popular than the Muslim traitor Obama now and his poll numbers have jumped 3 points in the last week. Remember, you have to add 7 to 15 points to that NBC poll weighted heavy to democrats when they published it to actually figure out his real poll numbers. That means Trump is now really at a 62% approval. That’s exactly the same reason polls today are a shit pile of lying information  designed to stop ,suppress Republican voters from voting. Remember, Trump was way more popular than they reported and he shocked the world by winning.

Caravan of Dangerous Criminals

This caravan mob of illegal aliens are filled with ISIS, Al Qaeda, MS 13 Gang members, leaders and convicted criminals including brutal murderers with records to invade the USA. Make no mistake, the secret democrat planners have followed Fake Tears Schumer’s lead and their #1 cheerleader, Nancy Pelosi, in organizing and getting Soros to pay for this caravan.

Democrat minds are like a twisted gloop of spaghetti in not understanding why they keep losing elections. “Don’t all Americans want Bernie Sanders socialism? We know they really do want the government to control their lives, like all good people do. Why, democrats will provide free health care for all and free phones for everybody. America will also give free welfare and housing for all the caravan refugees of poor, poor helpless people. They  know democrats will pay for all of this free stuff and release them into anywhere they want to go and never show up for their court date. They will vote for us democrats every chance they get.” There is an easy solution to stopping the 12,000 horde of illegal criminal animals  trying to storm our border.

Military Action is THE solution

Line the river with Border Agents and military troops, man the gates and arm our patriots with rubber bullets, pepper spray and tear gas to rip the heart out of this mob who gives our laws a middle finger. Give them truckloads of ammunition so they won’t run their weapons empty. Those illegal animals are saying fuck you America. The minute they try to cross our river border, or try to floods our land crossings, shoot the bastards. Shoot them with pepper spray, shoot them with tear gas, and if they still rush forward release a machine gun of rubber bullets. These illegal bastards will learn, don’t fuck with America. If they fall over into the river, let em drown. Hurt them on Mexico’s side of the border. Let Mexico pay for keeping them because Mexican police waved them through on orders from on high. They will stop shitting on our laws and learn a lesson. You try to make America borders disappear and we will hurt you bad. I don’t care if they follow ISIS’s playbook of using women and children as shields, we do what you have to do in this war the democrats started, you fight to win. Tear the heart out of these animals. These illegals are so bold and brave, knowing America can be treated like a weak paper tiger, they fly their flags and burn our stars and stripes for the Fake News cameras.

Ban the Press

One last rule needs to be in place to win this war, ban the press from covering it. They started this war on our borders, let America finish it in a winning way. That means stopping them with whatever means necessary.

Thank you President Trump for making the democrats’ hate for you to have driven them insane! This caravan of law breaking animals will wish they never left the shithole countries they came from. Let American patriots cheer on the victory we will have and teach the world a huge lesson. You fuck with America, America bites back hard! We must defeat the enemy and win this border war. Vote Republican in 2018!

The Patriot

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