Democrats Will Be Destroyed in 2018 Election If Trump Shuts Down The Government


Democrats will be destroyed in 2018 election if Trump shuts down the government, and he knows It! It is amazing how stupid the democrats are. Dems think Trump will lose and, therefore the Republicans running for Congress will lose their elections. Hey stupids, Trump got elected because he promised the wall and secure borders, along with stopping democrats from padding their votes with illegal aliens allowed to run free in our country. Add on top of that, mooching off of Patriotic Americans who have jobs and pay taxes that are the people that pay for their illegal welfare.

The new darling nitwit of the democrats, Crazy Commie Cortez, backed by Crazy Bernie and the Muslim radical co-chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) , Keith Ellison, are very sick ideologues. Hooray for America! President Trump could not have ordered a more custom set of dummies to show the world how nuts the democrats are. They actually believe the shit they feed to voters, helped by their partners in destroying our country, the Fake News. Give me the crazy socialist democrats who believe in open borders and abolishing ICE any day and Trump wins 80% of the voters.

Fake News is the Enemy of the People

Fake News is an enemy of our republic. Fake News is an enemy of the people. You have lying, incompetent graduates from the schools for traitors, our public school systems and colleges. Wow! They keep predicting a blue wave and the takeover of Congress this election. Please keep believing that pipe dream asswipes.  President Trump just got sprinkled with magic election dust by the Trump angels. In all of our history, democrats know whoever shuts down the government is blamed for it by the pissed off voters.

History will be written about Trump being the only President who was cheered for kicking the democrat’s ass for daring him to build The Wall. History will be written about Trump being the only President who was cheered by the voters for shutting the government down. The elite, snobby, commie leftist traitors will finally be destroyed once and for all. That includes you Rinos, and never Trumpers who are traitors on the Republican side of the coin. President Trump is returning the country back to its rightful owners, We the People. I cannot believe how blind and dumb Americans were for believing the lying politicians for all these years. How many conversations did people have about how all politicians are all the same. You couldn’t tell the difference between a Republican or a democrat until now. They’re great liars.

Trump Gets It

See, Trump gets it! He gets how the Muslim traitor Obama wanted to destroy the country. He  got it how Crooked Hillary could commit Treason and the corrupt FBI officials turned a blind eye to her crimes in the hope she was elected president. He gets it how corrupt Rod Rosenstein lied his way into the job and set up Trump for impeachment. He was so pissed off at the pussy Jeff Sessions who Trump thought could be loyal to him and the country, but instead the pussy betrayed everyone. Pussy Sessions just wanted to be the Attorney General and didn’t have the guts to get rid of corrupt FBI officials and US Attorneys.

And President Trump can spot an ambush to get rid of him from a mile away by the crooked Mueller witch hunt. Mueller stacked the deck with anti-Trump democrat prosecutors to impeach him. All  this group of traitors did was piss him off. These crooked traitors for the country who send our young men off to fight their oil wars for them with complete disregard for how many young lives they destroy. You see, we patriots were just chumps to those evil doers for getting us to do their dirty work for them. Keep raising the chumps’ taxes, keep sending the chumps off to war, treat our wounded servicemen at a crooked VA who lets them die while waiting  days in line for treatment.

The traitors all swear to the same belief and repeat it often at their secret meetings to keep the chumps doing their bidding. They tell each other at their cocktail parties; “Why not, the rest of those Americans were born to do our bidding and to keep us rich. They are nobodies. Just our pawns on a chessboard to dispose of as we see fit. That’s why the Koch brothers have shown us the light. They’re going to support democrats now to get rid of Trump. We are the elite, the lords of the paupers of the rest of America. We are the chosen ones.”

They did not realize Trump was the real deal, a straight shooter who did business honestly. They made the mistake of thinking he was like them, crooked and corrupt to the core like members of the Washington Swamp. They could not recognize a Patriot who believed in the country and the American people was for real. They did not think there were any patriots who existed anymore. To show you how ignorant and corrupt they all were, they bet that President Trump would have been defeated by now and resigned. They thought they were unwrapping a shiny new impeachment  toy inside the pretty gift wrapped box and instead found a pile of crap. The traitors made a pile of shit for themselves.

Trump Unleashed!

I got good news for the traitors. Trump will be unleashed soon. President Trump has the backing of the people. The President loves Americans and they love him back. There is a chance now that maybe the true Republican patriots may gain a seat or two in the House of Representatives. The Swampsters and Rinos have resigned rather than face Trump in the hope that their democrat buddies would regain the House.

The day is coming very soon, when Mueller is finished with his witch hunt and President Trump will call The Threesome to appear in the Oval Office. Pussy Sessions, Rotten Rod Rosenstein and “Bad Bobby” Mueller, will be made to stand in front of Trump with his trusted inner circle.  He will say to them these wonderful words that will be heard by Patriotic Americans everywhere; “ Stay standing boys, this will be quick. I wanted to personally tell you, get the fuck out of the people’s White House and never step foot on United States property again! You traitors are fired! Now get the hell out of my sight.”

The Patriot

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