Devil Child Leads Trump’s Impeachment

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Devil Child Leads Trump’s Impeachment

Devil Child Leads Trump’s Impeachment; thankfully that child spawned by the Devil is none other than Shifty Adam Schiff, the Democrat Intelligence Committee Chairman of the House of Representatives. It’s as though a warrior from above was sent to us to in the indestructible Donald Trump to stop the evil socialists from taking over America. Schiff dares to try and impeach a President who fights back with all his might against the lies Schiff makes up. Was Trump the chosen one to smite down the evil democrats? The devil thinks that is exactly who our President is. So Satan spawned his child to do battle for the devil in ridding his world of the warrior Trump. Satan is very proud of his son Adam.

Everyone must realize how evil the democrats have to be to not pass the USMCA (United States Mexico Canada Trade Agreement). They are stopping millions of American workers and farmers from new jobs that the new trade agreement will bring back to America. Nancy and her socialist democrats choose sides with the foreign countries to do nothing for Americans and leave the manufacturing factories to stay in those foreign countries instead of relocating back here. If that’s not treason, I don’t know what is. They do nothing for the American citizens but instead demand that you pay for illegal immigrants’ welfare.

The Psychopath Devil Child

The psychopath Devil Child is so obsessed with his hatred of President Trump; he will stop at nothing to get rid of our good President. It means win at any cost by lying, breaking the law, ignoring House rules that have been followed for over 200 years and trampling the US constitution in planning  and executing his coup d’état. Shifty Schiff’s obsession crosses over into lunacy, but a better choice to rally God loving American patriots to band together to fight this cancer to democracy named Adam Schiff was perfectly cast as a demon. When Trump stormed into Washington to clean the Swamp of its putrid evil doers, the devil fought back by unleashing his child to stop Trump.

Perfect Casting Choice

The devil made the perfect casting choice because Shifty Schiff looks and plays the part of a deranged, possessed demon infested with pure evil that only his followers would find attractive. You can’t help but take one look at Schiff and realize we have to rally and fight to destroy this Devil Child to save our country.

What is so wonderful about watching old pencil neck talk to reporters with his Mr. MaGoo bulging eyes darting back and forth into the heavens actually believes people like him. He leaves the microphones repeating to himself, “they really like me, they really like me.” He’s so deluded upon himself, it’s like watching a bad Saturday Night Live Skit of a madman. What he’s really doing is keeping a watchful eye out from above expecting anytime that a bolt of lightning from the heavens will strike down and turn him into ashes. After all, the Devil child’s Dad (Satan) cannot beat the wrath of angels when they are sent to spectacularly defeat the Adam Schiff show. Those angels could appear as Trump supporters coming en masse to the 2020 election polling sites to defeat the democrats.

What Devil Child Schiff doesn’t understand is that when he goes in front of the TV cameras he’s being coddled by the propaganda wing of the democrat party, the Fake News. They fawn over him, ask softball questions tilted towards their own hatred of Trump to further along his scam of a phony impeachment trial. They’re his cheerleader’s goo gooing and cooing over every hateful word he utters about the president. Thank God for letting the dumbass democrats destroy themselves. The democrats in the Washington Swamp are a sick, corrupt delusional bunch of traitors who never recognized President Trump as the legitimately elected president.

Please, please democrats do not read my advice lest you put the brakes on your impeachment scam. This phony impeachment is what the doctor ordered to insure a landslide win for all the Republicans in the 2020 election. Republicans will win back control of the House of Representatives, add more seats to their Senate majority and let’s not forget that President Trump will win reelection in a rout. The 2020 election will forever segregate the sewers they call democrat cities like New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Los Angeles from the rest of Patriotic America, the western, southern and Midwest swing states. Just look at how the sanctuary cities are doing since the democrats have been in control for years. They’ve become America’s shitholes. Donald Trump might even win the popular vote thanks to the democrats’ impeachment infection.

Nervous Nancy Pelosi We Thank You

Nervous Nancy Pelosi we thank you for picking the perfect symbol to lead this impeachment, the Devil Child Adam Schiff. He reminds you of the kid in the fourth grade who always went crying to the teacher every recess about how mean the boys are to him for still sucking his thumb and wearing diapers for underwear in school to stop him from wetting his pants. When Shifty Schiff grew up he searched for a powerful job so he could get even with all the girls and boys who couldn’t stand him. That’s why he’s a pathological liar who can lie with no conscience to achieve the destruction of the Trump presidency. That’s why the Washington Post gave him 4 Pinocchio’s for lying about what president Trump said on his phone call. He knows he can get away with it because he has immunity as a congressman. He can’t be sued or censored since he’s a member of congress. And there lies the reason he will go down in history as the one man who single handily destroyed the democrat party forever. Thank you Devil Child because I’m going to tell you how your defeat is going to go down.

The Crimes President Trump Is Accused Of Committing

Schiff’s blind hatred will cause him to get power drunk when he instructs Congress to write the articles of impeachment against President Trump. These articles will be a list of the crimes President Trump is accused of committing to justify kicking him out of office and overturning his legal election by the people in 2016. These crimes will be the ones approved by the majority democrats and sent over to the US Senate where the Senators as jurors will vote a verdict of guilty or innocent by president Trump. Innocent, he stays on as duly elected President. Guilty means he’s removed from office and no longer President after the vote! You can bet your house that President Trump will be impeached since democrats planned to do it since the day he took office.

The Devil Child will stack the list of crimes so high starting with bribery, extortion and abuse of power. He will add obstruction of Congress to at least 3 or 4 times after being talked down from 20 counts by Nervous Nancy. This act by the Devil Child will go down as the most Stupid use of the impeachment clause for the next 300 years in American history. Why, it’s such a dumbass and stupid move Alexander Hamilton, George Washington, and President James Madison who wrote the US Constitution will rise from their graves to bitch slap the Devil Child Shifty Adam Schiff. Adam will stack the crimes so high on the table, he’ll squeal so loud “But, but look at the list of high crimes fellas.” Hey Schiff the stupid, the president had to have actually committed a crime to get kicked out of office. Voters won’t back your pack of lies!

That’s exactly what impeachment was designed to do. A President who only commits crimes that are high crimes or misdemeanors, bribery or treason can be impeached out of office.

Americans will look at the clown show put on by the democratic traitors in the House of Representatives and will vote them out for wasting time on this crazy delusional hatred witch hunt of their President. Why are the dems so hell bent on doing this suicide mission? Because in their heart of hearts they know Trump will win again in 2020. They know they can’t beat him. They think voters want their taxes raised, want to give up their health insurance, give up their doctors to let the government choose their doctors, and raise their taxes more to pay for illegal aliens’ benefits.

Get Woke

American patriots beware! Get woke and vote them out! This will not be an easy fight because almost half the country has been brainwashed into hating President Trump. So even now you must show courage and try to convince the borderline crazies to back President Trump. This will be a historic fight to keep America, as we know it and rip its destruction away from the sick and crazy democrats. Support President Trump starting now, your way of life depends on it. Send the Devil Child back to hell where he belongs.

The Patriot

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