Fake News Is The Enemy of The People


Fake News is the Enemy of the People for intentionally attempting to destroy the rules of law. They plan their hateful destruction of America because they hate that patriots’ love the United States Constitution and Fake News despises that. The Constitution is the bedrock foundation of our country established by our founders. It is accepted by patriots as the law of the land. The Fake News’ plans are following extreme left socialists’ blueprints for taking over a country. The bottom line is if there are no laws allowed to be enforced, the socialists can take over a lawless society. They are following Adolf Hitler’s plan to a T! This is a cleverly planned conspiracy in an attempt to take over the country against the will of the people. They’re lulling you to sleep before they stab you in the heart!

The evidence of their traitorous plans are overwhelming. Fake News has such a black and white extreme difference from the real news of the press, it’s like God vs. the Devil.  It’s amazing when you look at the facts. Real Journalists follow the established rules of fair reporting. They do not inject their opinions into their reporting on news stories. It is a sin against good reporting if you break the rules taught by real journalism schools, whose numbers are dwindling rapidly.  A good story reports both sides of the facts pertaining to that story, both sides equally! A real journalist  would make sure the audience would have no clue as to the writer’s political opinion.

Let’s analyze the behavioral facts of Fake News’ reporters and Fake News networks. Fake reporters inject their leftist socialist opinions by writing against enforcing the laws Congress has passed. Fake reporters are opposed to any law enforcement agency arresting criminals. Abolish ICE is their cause celeb for the 2018 election cycle. Opposing police and taking criminals’ sides, murderers and rapists, over the police is their new tirade now. They openly support the killing of law officers by endorsing the murders of officers by criminal illegal aliens. Fake reporters lie and make up facts that are not true in their reporting and of course NEVER report the other sides’ facts of the story. It’s only one side of the story they report. This is intentional by Fake reporters.

Fake News’ Reporters are Liars

Fake News’ reporters inject their leftist socialist bias as evidenced by the questions they ask supporters of the Constitution and its laws. Fake reporters are supported by the executives of their news organizations such as CNN, MSNBC, and CBS and on and on and on  and want to overthrow government institutions who respect the rule of law. They hate President Trump and are assassinating him with their words by their full time effort to destroy his presidency. They oppose his Supreme Court Judge replacement because they know he will uphold the laws as written. The people have been alerted to their traitorous efforts by the miracle of Twitter. Fake News’ Reporters are Liars

President Trump is the Master of the Twitter Universe who bypasses Fake reporters and talks straight to the people by reporting the truth with his very own words. It drives the Fake News insane that he does not need them to reach his patriots. To watch them hysterically foam at the mouth by their inept, feeble efforts to remove him from office you’ d think they have rabies.

Hitler Loved Democrats

The democrats and Fake News are following Adolf Hitler’s blueprint for taking over Germany. As shown in Dinesh D’Souza’s new movie,  “Death of a Nation” , Hitler followed American democrats’ plan to perfection. The plan to take over our country by the leftist democrat Hitler socialists was near completion in America three years ago. A patriotic friend back then was lamenting the fact that America was finished and nothing could stop its final destruction. Then along came Trump and the evil democrats were stopped dead in their tracks.

The democrats bury the fact they were pro-slavery and had written and promoted that policy for years in their party platform up until the late 1950s.  Hitler took the American democrat party platform and crossed out the word Negros and replaced it with Jews in the Nazi  takeover of Germany in 1933. He used America’s democrat party platform as his script in taking over Germany. I confess I was ignorant of how Hitler rose to power. From now on I will refer to the democrat party as Hitler democrats.

The Rise of The Hitler Democrats

American Patriots do not realize they are in a fight to the death with the Hitler democrats. We can no longer ignore the leftist teachers in schools who think participation trophies are a great equalizer that makes all children feel equal. Bullshit! We must fight that false narrative swill teachers are feeding your children. You have to go in and raise hell with teachers for giving them the gold crutch to lift unequal, lesser talented kids to the mediocre level they set as a standard. We must attack, attack and attack teachers that tear down more successful students that compete to reach higher levels of success. Parents you must understand that you are helping them destroy America by standing silent. You are letting teachers turn all your kids into weak marshmallows, or a more fitting term, pussies.

Fake reporters are for abolishing our country’s borders and allowing all illegal alien immigrants from everywhere to get on welfare here in the USA. Their plan is working to perfection because you’re standing silent in opposition.  That is how Hitler took over and that is how the new Hitler socialists, America’s democrat party today, take over our country. They know if they can control the courts where unelected federal judges make laws because they want to impose their will, Hitler democrats win! Abolish ICE and force city police to ignore laws, Hitler democrats will have installed their own police force like Hitler’s brown shirts. Indoctrinate kids in schools to believe the socialists’ ideas are the winning formula, Hitler democrats win. After you take over the police and make it your own, that allows Hitler democrats to force their ideas onto  the people. The last step will be the takeover of the military and again, Hitler democrats win.

Taking Away All of Your Guns

The goal for America’s Hitler democrats,  the key to  the Hitler democrats’ takeover is that once they control the courts and police, the next order of their plan  calls for taking your guns away from you. Patriots, I’m trying to make you open your eyes and stop this from happening by going out and voting for Trump supporters this election. Because when Pelosi’s Hitler democrats say they are suspending the United States Constitution  you will have  heard the 2nd scariest words in your life.  The reason for the suspension of the Constitution will be the scariest words Americans ever heard from the government that you allowed to happen!  The Hitler democrats will announce that you must turn all your guns in to the new government, thereby taking all your guns away from you.

Fake News has been supporting the Hitler democrats’ policies for years now. Their abuse of the first amendment of the Constitution in order for Hitler democrats to take over America makes Fake News the biggest fucking enemy of the people in history.

We can use democracy and the Constitution to defeat the Hitler democrats by voting for pro Trump Republicans this fall. Save the House by keeping patriotic Republicans in power. Madonna finally moved out of our country to make Portugal her home. Now let’s say goodbye to Pelosi and get rid of the rest of Hollywood’s Hitler democrats.

The Patriot

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