Fake News – The Vampire That Can’t be Killed


Fake news is a Vampire! No matter what we do, even when we put a stake in their lyin hearts, we can’t kill them. They still make up Fake Stories, make up Fake Anonymous Sources that do not exist, make up Fake Facts, and make up Fake Quotes and lies, lies, lies. They lie more often than a 2 cent whore and people still keep watching them. The TV viewers are like a wife that catches her cheating husband screwing her best friend in her bed every day, and then takes him back every day, forever and ever like Groundhog Day. People still keep watching them. Fake new is The Vampire that can’t be killed!

People, remember this true and one hard fast rule from the school of journalism handbook. A reporter must present the facts from both sides of the story they are reporting. The Facts!

Something is Really Out of Whack Here.

Fact number 1, we know that reporters are the dumbest people on the planet, dumber than dirt. They are dishonest to their core and don’t give a shit what Fake story they make up and talk about. People keep tuning in to watch and listen to their new lies. Their goal is to destroy the Trump presidency. Get him impeached, come hell or high water.

Fact number 2. The Washington Post and New York Times are now used pieces of shit paper that will soon die bankrupt, then focus on their internet versions of the Fake News. Still won’t die, Vampires. Look how the New York Times was bashing Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and accused him of being missing in action (AWOL) while President Trump tore up the Iran nuclear deal. Yeaa! It turned out fact was the Secretary of State was busy rescuing three imprisoned Americans who have been held captive in North Korea. White House Reporters are dumber than anything on this planet, dumber than turds flushed down the toilet on their way to the sewer. Can you believe that these White House press Corp morons graduated from college? Those idiots ask the same question 15 times at a White House press briefing because they do want to report any, and I mean any Trump good news. A recent survey of those White House idiots found that almost 100% support democrats, all of them are anti Trumpers.

Fact number 3. This group of Fake News reporters and their bosses lie like cheating husbands. This bunch of brown nosing yes men and women have indestructible leftist, socialist blood flowing through their veins. They were indoctrinated by a massive propaganda program by their teachers since kindergarten. American teachers are leaders who run a gulag style madrassa of leftist socialism. This extreme leftist socialist movement has not only infected most of our kids, but nearly 95% of college professors belong to this gulag for the destruction of American borders, banning free speech and the total destruction of America’s values. Something is really out of whack here and now you can fix it.

Fake News TV Networks

Fact number 4. Take the MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, and CNN vampires; CNN’s whining crybaby Jim Acosta, ABC’s Crying Martha Raddatz, Peacocking Chris Cuomo, Leftist “thrill up his leg” Chris Matthews, Phony Fox Reporter and Trump hating Sheppard Smith, etc. All are Vampires. CNN’s TV ratings are lower than the Cartoon Network. Crying Martha Raddatz bawled her eyes out the night Hillary lost the election. This group of imposters has one collective goal, get President Donald Trump Impeached! No matter what they fucking have to do.

Fact number 5. A slimy, greasy, ambulance chasing creepy lawyer named Avanutti who tells an old porn star client to break her binding, non-disclosure agreement that will cost her millions of dollars in fines. He’s a creepy porn star lawyer that keeps lying about the White House every time he moves his lips on TV. The fact that Hollywood throws truckloads of money at him to offer him a Fake News TV host job proves he’s a democrat operative like ex FBI director, Jilted James Comey.

Then… all of a sudden, Oops! The creepy lawyer poster boy is now under investigation by the Treasury department. The slimeball owes over five million dollars in tax liens, stiffed his law partners for almost two million bucks and illegally disclosed Trump lawyer’s private banking record. He is a paid lefty spokesman who will not reveal who’s paying him. His client Stormy is a broke porn star.

You are witnessing a coordinated effort to destroy the President. There’s no TV news coverage of important, positive Trump successes by Fake News that tells the American people. The list of boycotted Trump good news is staggering because it would let the people know he’s doing a great job for them: 12 million people off food stamps since Trump took office; FULL EMPLOYMENT in the USA ; our unemployment rate is at a 17 year low of 3.9%; Wages are rising for the first time in 20 plus years; Health Care costs less and more discounts are soon to come; Black unemployment is at an all-time low, Hispanic unemployment is at an all-time low; There are more jobs than the United States has workers, so start having more kids America; manufacturing plants are coming back and building new factories in America., and on and on and on!

Trump is Van Helsing – The Vampire Slayer

President Donald Trump is America’s Van Helsing, the Vampire slayer. But, he’s still fighting a losing battle unlike the real Van Helsing. There is a glimmer of hope that The Donald can save America, but he can only do that with you, the voters, helping him. You can become Van Helsing’s silver bullet. Only the masses can beat the Fake News Vampires down into their tombs. Just turn off watching the Fake News channels. Dry up their lifeblood of survival, MONEY!

A historic meeting for the first time in history between North Korea’s Kim Jung Un and President Trump will maybe take place June 12 to totally de-Nuke North Korea. Again, I ask why doesn’t anybody hear about it? Fake News does not want you to know the great things President Trump has accomplished because then you would not back their phony witch hunt to impeach him.

While you are watching all those other networks on a big story, force yourself to change the channel for once and tune in to see what FOX TV News is reporting. Compare what FOX reporters report to what Fake News says. You’ll discover FOX News is fair and balanced news.

Patriotic Americans have a big protective ring of garlic around their neck to ward off the Fake News Vampires. Their homes are sprinkled with holy water to protect them from invasion. Black and Hispanic Americans in the inner cities are starting to wake up and come out from under the Vampires’ spell, cast by their democratic masters. Black support for President Trump has doubled since Kanye West spoke his mind telling blacks to break free from their democratic slave masters’ plantations. Diamond and Silk, the too cool black ladies who support President Trump have over a million followers on Facebook, who recently banned them as a community threat… Check out my link to  Battle Plans on How to Destroy Fake News!

Get out and vote NO against the phony, extreme left democrats this 2018 election. Let’s all have fun watching the traitorous democrats cry their eyes out on election night, again. Bring back that great feeling you had, that you, the American Patriots, have won again! Help the President save your gun rights. Help the President save America. Help the President save America for your kids!

The Patriot

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