FBI Traitors Set Trap to Destroy President Trump-Got Him! Maybe?

mccabe punishment for trump sabotage

I want to make it crystal clear that I believe that 99% of the FBI agents in the bureau are patriotic, honest, law abiding individuals who bust their ass everyday doing their jobs proudly for the American people. They are the heroes of America’s premier law enforcement agency.

The Top Leadership of The FBI Was and Still Is a Viper’s Nest of Rotten Traitors

Andrew McCabe was the Mama Snake of rotten anti American corruption spawned by The King of Rot, James Comey. They thought nothing of violating their oath to the Constitution and breaking so many laws, including conspiracy, treason and obstruction of justice in the effort to STOP Trump from becoming President. When he won, they shrugged, uttered Oops! Let’s go to Plan B. They continued forward with their hero Andy’s “insurance plan.” That plan, ladies and gentleman, was to remove the President from office by any means.

I’m going to lay out their traitorous plan as I see it in detail going forward. You must look at this operation through their eyes. First, they believe there is nothing than can stop them. It’s clear sailing to put Plan B into operation. They have the FISC court as a trusting rubber stamp to spy on American citizens in Trump’s campaign. The FBI is now led by spineless Jeff Sessions, bullied left and right by the remaining traitors into a cowering fear of displeasing them. He slinks away from taking charge and is scared to death of firing their asses out of office. He’s the traitor’s puppet. The conspirators mark off their first goal. Check! Next step.

Comey Tries to Blackmail President Trump to his Face

Gather evidence of collusion against then President elect Trump through the wiretapping of everybody in his offices in Trump Tower. They know traitor FBI Director James Comey has their back. Comey, using his own words, confronts the President with the Christopher Steele Dossier which “is false, salacious and unverified information”.  “Oh by the way Mr. President, you are not under investigation.” The President gives a simple request to the Director, “Great, go ahead and tell the American people that, they have a right to know I’m innocent.” Comey responds, “I won’t do that.”  The trap is sprung.

The (he thinks) arrogant, holier than thou and super superior being  to all mankind, FBI Director Comey signals to President Trump that “you’re my hostage”. Comey, with brazen defiance, openly Blackmails the President to his face with this evidence to ultimately force him into resigning. Trump street fights back and fires Comey because the President knows it’s not true. Unexpected outcome. The traitorous FBI conspirators decide among themselves; “No worry. We got the traitor in waiting Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein who will pick up the slack.”

Rosenstein appoints Robert Mueller as a special counsel which is in total violation of the special counsel statute, because there is no evidence of a crime. Zero! Just whining, crying, yelling and screaming Democrats that Trump had to collude with the Russians to have beaten Crooked Hillary. That’s the only way she could have lost. Their evidence? The whopping $2,000 total ad money spent in Wisconsin on Facebook advertising, factually declared in court documents filed against the Russian agents Mueller indicted that helped push Trump to victory! Really, give me a break.

Mueller is dirtier than all the dirty agents he led as evidenced by his climbing in bed in Boston with convicted murderer Whitey Bulger. He protected Bulger. Mueller sanctioned the murders he knew Bulger was committing. He also hired the disgraced, unethical as found by the courts, Andrew Weissman as his “Pit Bull” prosecutor to find Trump guilty of crimes. Check! The traitors muse; “Our plan is flawless. We’re getting closer.”

Trump is Trapped!

Mueller has no evidence of any crime against President Trump on collusion, but have no fear; he pulled out the obstruction of justice card on Trump. Professor Alan Dershowitz loudly proclaims the President cannot be guilty of that crime because he can say “You’re Fired” to anyone’s ass in the government. He is the people’s elected head of the government.

Mueller is Comey’s best friend in the world and ignores his lies about Trump. In fact, he has his team run with the phony obstruction charge Comey screams for and tells Trump’s lawyers that, knowing full well Fake News will report it to the world for days.

Mueller now pushes for his interview of the President so he can catch him in a lie. If the President refuses, he will be subpoenaed before the grand jury. Trump is trapped! Politically he has to interview with Mueller; otherwise the public perception will be he’s guilty and trying to hide something. But, president Trump knows he’s guilty of nothing and is dying to meet Mueller and tell him that. What’s there to be afraid of? Ahhhh! The FBI traitors can now taste the sweet victory of impeachment. Mission Accomplished.

Whoa Nellie!

But wait! The president is trapped and there is still a way to victory for him to vanquish his FBI enemies. Let Trump be Trump.

The president got lucky again as if a divine hand intervened on this injustice America was faced with. A hero emerges in Michael Horowitz, the Justice Department’s Inspector General. FBI agents in affairs Peter Strzok and Lisa Page get caught with their pants down emails. Andy McCabe is fired for lying and other things illegal. Lone Trump supporters in Congress are speaking out for Trump against the Special Prosecutor Mueller.

Trump’s fighting spirit rises to the occasion as he hires his very own special shark attorney, Joe diGenova. Sharks Trump dogs. FBI Director Wray and Sessions can read the writing on the wall. Trump won’t lie down and curl up in a ball. He’s coming for his enemies. He’s always been a one man army.

The president should turn up the heat on Mueller until there is such a public outcry for him to resign, he will. Let’s not forget old sneaky, slimy Rod Rosenstein feeling the heat. Make it a blowtorch Mr. President. Rosenstein has such a huge conflict of interest in this case you could drive a blimp through it. It arises out of him signing off on a knowingly false FISA court warrant against your presidency.

Sean Hannity, turn up the heat on those FISA court judges who signed those warrants. Mr. President, let your team of hitmen supporters and lawyers shame those judges into resignation for being so gullible in approving the FBI traitors’ falsified warrants to spy on Americans. They’re in hiding and need to be called out.

Do that and I guarantee you victory against your enemies? Be warned; DO NOT TRUST your gut on appointing anymore undercover traitors to positions in your administration. Verify! Verify! Verify! America needs you like never before. Again, you have a chance to win against all odds; You’re pretty good at that.

The Patriot
March 20, 2018

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