Hillary Why Keep Fighting The Good Fight? America Knows Damn Well Why You Lost The Election!

hillary-why keep-fighting-the-good-fight
The Hillary Fairy Tale

For those of you who believe the Hillary Fairy Tale she keeps telling you, I’m sorry. I really feel sorry for you delusional bootlickers. I do want Hillary to keep fighting the good fight. Please Hillary, keep talking too. Also, dear Hillary Kool Aid drinkers, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I can sell you for $100. Just email me the money.

Seriously, the poor woman is delusional. If her nose didn’t get longer every time she spoke she would have been a good president, according to her. The only problem is the White House would have had to remove all the glass items from the shelves so she could walk around safely with her four foot long Pinocchio nose.

Queen Hillary couldn’t wait for her coronation. Fireworks were planned and parties readied, because her election was in the bag. But Donald Trump came along and now we call him President Trump. He is a patriot. All Trump voters are patriots and it is a word you will never understand, whiny Crooked Hillary. That’s why Trump won!

In fact, I’m going to go over your greatest lies. Why? Because it is so delicious to add to your misery. So, I’m going to go down your version of memory lane, because maybe I can make your supporters start crying again. It will be so much fun!

Hillary’s Version #1

Hillary, your version as to how you got cheated out of your well-deserved presidency is right on target. You paid your dues for becoming president by putting up with the disgraceful sex escapades of your husband. He flaunted it in your face with no shame. But, you stood by him baking cookies for the greater good you knew you could give the country. The country deserved better and you were going to give it to them. The conspiracy to destroy your chances of winning the presidency were many. I’m going to go over them one at a time.

The Russians

The fix was in by Vlad Putin to make sure you lost. He mobilized his Russian hackers that spent millions of dollars supplied by him to rig the election against you. Tens of millions of dollars were spent in anti-Hillary pro Trump advertising on Facebook. Russia hacked John Podesta’s email account, your campaign manager at that time. He then changed some of Podesta’s emails into attacking you and paid Wiki Leaks to publish them right before the election. Putin had a target on you because he knew you were tougher than him and would bring him to his knees in submission, like you did Bill, if you became president. You were going to kick Putin’s ass up and down the world highway. You kept fighting and won the popular vote by a huge margin, but the Electoral College screwed you out of your victory.

FBI Director James Comey

Your followers and backers on the 7th floor executive offices at FBI headquarters, Mueller, Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page,, Rosenstein, etc. had your back covered eight ways from Sunday. They were going to make sure you won and planned to impeach Trump if by some strange miracle you didn’t win. Those FBI executives in charge had a perfect insurance policy in place with “Andy” to reverse Trump’s win. The only thing out of their control that they could not have predicted was the vison Director Comey had of himself as an angel from God.

Hillary, Comey thought that Attorney General Loretta Lynch, by meeting with President Clinton in her plane on the tarmac would ruin his reputation and integrity, smearing his beloved FBI in the process. He took over the decision making, as God told him to do, from the US Attorney’s office and made himself the final decision maker to not prosecute you. He had to stop Lynch and restore his reputation for the history books. Even after FBI agents discovered more emails, he announced the re-opening of the investigation of them just days before the election. He took charge to make sure you wouldn’t be prosecuted. No one counted on angel Comey’s misguided vision that he was doing God’s work.

The Deplorable Trump Voters

Hillary you were dead on right to call out Trump supporters as deplorable human beings. How could anybody support that vulgar, awful, evil, and immoral man? His supporters are low life human beings. If they could not see how you were so much better than him, more prepared than he could ever be, and you even had the full support of everybody in Washington, they had to be deplorable to back Trump. After all, you should be ahead in the polls by 50 points!

Funny thing is we liked, no loved being called deplorable because that’s how out of touch you are with the heartland citizens of America. Hillary you need help, but please don’t get it. Keep on talking.

Open up our Borders

You shrieked out loud, “my God, Trump wants to stop democratic voters from coming into my country. I will eliminate our borders when I’m elected, and blend the world together into one big happy village. I’m going to do the right thing and get rid of ICE and the border patrol. I will give citizen rights to all undocumented guests that entered into my country with no papers.

Black people also know I’m with them when I talk to them in their black language. I’m one of them. Haven’t we democrats made sure you got paid on welfare? I’ve provided welfare to you people for over 50 years. I’ve taken care of you. You don’t need jobs. The government will take care of you and I’m going to be the government.

Women Voters Were Bullied by Men into Voting for Trump

I know all you women really wanted to vote for me. But your men, husbands, brothers and boyfriends threatened you if you didn’t vote for Trump. You women didn’t have my strength and were intimidated by men. I could have saved you from them. Just like I made Bill obey my rules and behave himself. Bill was afraid of me. Listen up, all my supporters we could have won together. But, it’s not too late. We can still impeach Trump and then name me as president because the election was unfairly rigged against me. Trump stole it.

The Psychopath

Hil, the public sensed queasiness with your ability to boldly lie where normal people could not go. You lied with such lack of conscience it was stunning to normal people. You ordered evidence under subpoena to be destroyed. You flaunted the people of America with such disdain and with your perception of yourself as such a high and mighty person of deserved privilege, it shocked our being. Marie Antoinette was an amateur compared to your self-anointed stature as lord over the people. You proclaimed, “Let them eat crumbs.” Your lack of conscience that no rules applied to you except those you made for yourself would apply. Your lack of morality where four deaths in Benghazi were brushed aside by your words “What difference does it make?” You are the true definition of a Psychopath and that scared women into not voting for you.

This public service mocking message to Hillary was brought to you by
The Patriot

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