Battle Plans on How to Destroy Fake News!

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Winning Strategy to End Fake News  Forever!

The continuing lies about President Trump reported by the main street media; The Fake News Press as I will call them forward, is beyond belief. They believe they’re Superman, indestructible, with no kryptonite weakness, and they know their power comes from the United States Constitutions’ 1st amendment.

The press stands behind that sacred right to push their agenda of destroying our country by turning it into the communist-socialist state they seek. Look how they gushed over the Muslim traitor, Obama. They wept loudly after the death of their savage, murderous hero; Fidel Castro. Their teachers since kindergarten openly indoctrinate those young mushy minds with a yearly, day long propaganda lesson to turn them into the soldiers against democracy they must become, Democrats. Their goal is to rip up the Constitution, open our borders and transform our country into a Socialist state.

The press will promote all means to help the Democrats achieve that goal; lie; cheat; destroy fact checkers; and even frame president Trump with knowingly false claims of criminal acts, collusion. They promote murder by proxy, examples are illegal aliens – black lives matter- antifa; they sponsor late term abortion; applaud and cheer on  illegal FBI surveillance of a presidential candidate;  appoint and weaponized a Special Prosecutor to find a crime where none exists to achieve their end. That end is the downfall of America.

Malice is the Silver Bullet that will Kill Fake News

Patriotic Americans must clearly understand we are in a war started by the Press. In this war, only one can stand victorious, America. The fake news must be annihilated and wiped off the earth.

Malice is a very simple solution that the Supreme Court of the United States has already ruled on and is set in stone. The Court ruled 9–0 that news publications or reporters could be sued for libel by public officials when the official suing them was able to establish actual malice in the false reporting of a news story! “Actual malice” is defined as when the publisher (reporter or news organization) knew that the statement given was false or acted in reckless disregard of its truth or falsity.  If they know it is a false story, they are guilty of malice.

If the press (N.Y. Times, Washington Post, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, etc.) or a reporter such as Jim Acosta, Wolf Blitzer, Chuck Todd, Joe Scarborough, Brian Ross, etc., where proof is offered they committed malice in their reporting on President Trump, or anybody else, they will be found guilty and convicted!  They will be ordered to pay a huge fine in civil court for their despicable and treasonous behavior. The penalty will be fines in the millions of dollars which have previously been awarded in malice cases.

Winning is Easy.  Add Money, Investigate and Sue!

There are plenty of rich Republican Patriots, supporters of President Trump to finance a winning lawsuit. Hire the best cracker jack investigators to gather evidence, secretly record and videotape interviews with co-workers, friends and acquaintances of those reporters. Include the targets of the news who have previously claimed that they were knowingly lied about in stories. With proof in hand, voila, you win. America wins

Build the case with quiet stealth and secrecy. Gather as much verified information undercover beforehand so targets aren’t alerted to what’s going to hit them between the eyes. During discovery, Subpoena emails and names of friends, enemies, victims, etc. Win the case before they’re aware a nuclear missile is about to hit them that cannot be stopped. They will be blown to smithereens in court.

Choose the trial attorney wisely. His profile must be that of a vicious bulldog who goes to trial and wins. One who offers no quarter to losers, no settlements ever! We want the Fake News to suffer a fatal blow never to be heard from again. Never allow a jury trial, always let a judge rule on the case.

Victory is Sweet

The goal is to put them out of business with embarrassment, bankruptcy, loss of viewers, and ratings in the toilet. The only viewers left exception we will allow after their conviction of evil deeds, will be prisoners in jail that can’t change the TV channel. Watch how fast the news starts reporting both sides of the facts in future stories. Watch with victorious glee the strict standards and practices news organizations  will enact. Companies will insert a truthful reporting clause in employee contracts and, You’re Fired is the penalty for violating it. They are stopped stone cold dead on reporting lies ever again. They go back to the Journalist rules that used to be honored.

As part of our victory, we insist on a standard that reporters are banned from offering opinions publicly. A person giving Opinion Commentary on air must be titled as such below their picture, along  with a disclaimer below it stating these are their personal views, not reflecting or approved by  our station. A disclaimer heard and viewed by all.

We will win this War! What is left behind in our battle? Socialism is dead. Real journalists are now in charge of the news. America is still burning bright as the shining beacon to the world. America is great again!

The Patriot
March 15, 2018

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