Illegal Aliens, What in the Hell Makes You Think You Have the Right to Demand to Stay in my Country?

Illegal Aliens are Not American Citizens
Hey! You Illegal Aliens are Not American Citizens Under our Law and have None, Nada, Nyet, …No Citizen Rights!

Illegal alien means you are not legal because you broke our laws. You are criminals. What really enrages me is that you spit disrespect and show contempt to Americans. You demand we take action to address your fury. I think you’re right and we should take action like you want us to do immediately.  We should round you animals up , deport your asses back to where you came from and lock the doors to our country to you forever. Now that’s action.

You do understand you show no respect to our country and our laws. Of course, I can understand you illegals learned your behavior from Democrats who disrespect our laws. But, you chose the wrong role models as your heroes. You see, heartland citizens are sick and tired of democratic traitors. Our dream is to destroy the current Democratic Party forever with our vote. You can call us Dreamers too. Real Americans actually have that right because we are citizens of the USA.

Naturally, we have been stupid enough to allow democrats to put your criminal asses ahead of American citizens, then treat illegals 10 times better than we treat our own people.  You illegal animals are allowed to get on our welfare system, get free medical treatment, get food stamps ahead of Americans, get free housing and any other freebie you ask for. Democrats have put you ahead of our citizens who actually deserve a helping hand. Whereas you deserve to be in jail or deported.

I realize you were too young at the time and are not responsible for your parent’s actions back then. Today however, you are adults and are responsible for your actions, just you alone. A few years ago, illegal Mexican terrorists held marches shutting down our freeways and rioting demanding their rights. Patriots watched what you did and you showed us your true colors. You caused us to hate your disrespectful actions watching all of you holding up Mexican flags, waving them around,  demanding  Americans to give you what you think you deserve.

Your treacherous behavior has backfired because what we witnessed was not one American flag was waved among all those thousands of people in all of those cities across America. Not one American flag! That’s what pissed me off. If I could push a button and see every rotten one of you anti-American ingrates be returned back to the shit hole countries you came from, I would do it in a heartbeat. All patriotic Americans felt that way, still do you illegal bastards.

Patriotic Americans elected President Trump because we don’t want to pay one red cent of our money anymore towards your welfare!

It’s time to screw you illegal immigrants like you’ve been screwing us. Americans are sick and tired of the government taking our hard earned money and giving it to you worthless law breakers. Here’s a real quick history lesson to teach you how the American way is going to work in the future, just as it did in the early 1900s. Our forefathers along with our relatives, fought and died for the freedoms that we have today.  Sadly, we are now waking up to our own recent stupidity.  We have come to our senses. We are going stop this crazy nonsense from continuing.

The government does not have a right to take our money and waste it without our permission. We want to help Americans who need help. We want to lend them a helping hand through tough times or medical emergencies or even long term disability they cannot afford to deal with. We have a big heart for our citizens.

But you illegal animals, who have taken advantage of the generosity of our country thanks to the democrats, will end soon. The undercover, lying, Muslim agent Obama smooth talked us into putting blinders on. We fell asleep to his soothing words and gave him our trust. Obama lied to us as taught by his Koran, to wipe out all Christians, known as infidels, so he could let his radical Muslim brothers take over our country. Now we know why he released six terrorist leaders in exchange for a traitor. Dreamers, we woke up and pulled the blinders off our eyes.

Traitorous democrats are going to find out just how pissed off we patriots are this coming election. The democrats want to destroy our country. They want to tear our borders down and shove our country into ruin. Their goal is replacing democracy with socialism. They dream of tearing up our Constitution, doing away with the 2nd amendment so they can confiscate our guns. Those gun rights are in the Constitution so if need be, patriots can take up arms against our government from taking our rights away. That’s why citizens need to own the AR 15, to protect us from the government.

Dreamers, this is what it means to become an American when you take the oath and hold up your hand and swear…….“that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic”

Patriots see that you show no respect for our country by your words and actions. You are foreign enemies against the United States. Democrats are domestic enemies. Patriots will fight to protect our country.

I would bet that not one of you ignorant animals who marched and still protest to this day, have learned any  small historical facts about our country’s history. Zero! Every American family, except for Native American Indians, came from immigrants who dreamed of the freedoms offered by our great country.  They saw America as the shining light of the world and sacrificed everything they had to come here. Understand this illegals, you are guests here in our country and your behavior has proven to us that you’re only here for the handouts. You became unwanted and we are going to kick your asses out.

Here’s my offer. I will support any dreamer who joins the American armed services that are willing to give their life to defend my country. In fact, I want to give them the right to become an American citizen for doing that brave action. They just have to go to the back of the line and wait their turn after they finish serving their first tour of honorable military service. They have proven that they love America.

You illegal aliens will never be given that right, ever! You must be deported and never allowed entry in our country ever again. Patriots demand you must get what you deserve. We will show the world that when you break our laws you are punished appropriately. Immigrants must come to our country by doing it the right way…and they will be rewarded.

We Welcome All Immigrants Who Love, Respect and Honor Our Country to Come Legally To America

America was founded by Immigrants, built by Immigrants and will only prosper and thrive in the future  with Immigrants who believe in the values now established by  those real heroes and role models. They are all the legal immigrants who went through the United States naturalization process so they could become American Citizens. That’s who we want here. Immigrants who respect our laws. Immigrants that want to learn our history. Immigrants who want to become part of the American way. Immigrants who love our country.

That is the American way!

by The Patriot
February 28, 2018

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