Impeach Him! Impeach Trump Now!


“Impeach Him! Impeach Trump Now!”, screams the 128 different CNN TV talking heads in one day. MSNBC shouts “Impeach Him! Impeach him” only  114 times the same day. Fake News is obsessed worse than Captain  Ahab in Moby Dick, only this time the great white whale they want to harpoon is President Trump.

When Fake News screams  impeach Trump all day long, they’re yelling for help because Trump has grabbed them by the balls and will not quit squeezing them until they are dead. These idiots of the press don’t realize Trump is playing them like a cat plays with a mouse before he kills it. He baits them each and every time  he chooses to do so. The press is so stupid and are such a collection of fucking idiots they bite every time he goes after them.

The main reason the President has been so successful is because he fights back against the press. The American people love it that the President has exposed  their socialist lies they push forward in support of the democrats. He shows them how dishonest and corrupt these so called “reporters” are. They might as well be wearing a big blue democrat button the size of a dinner plate on their chest. They slant their reporting so anti Trump all the time you’d think you’re listening to a stuck record repeating the exact same words all day long that nobody fixes.

Fake News is a Fungus

For over 70 years Fake News has been attacking Republican conservatives and every stinking time republicans crawl in a corner and curl up into a little ball of cowardly goo.  They hide like pussy’s afraid to fight back against the socialist press. Now, President Donald Trump is a fighter who won’t take their shit and fights back by hitting them  twice as hard each time they dare to attack him. It’s really fun to watch because every time they slap Trump, he takes out a ball bat and smashes them right in the face. The press chose to get into a fight to the death because only one of the fighters will come out on top, the socialist democrats of the press or President Trump. Bet the house on President Trump taking them out and climbing up on their dead bodies like a Spartan King.

Trump is teaching a new wave of Trump conservatives who are now running for congress this 2018 election who support the president to fight back. The idiots of Fake News don’t realize the President has changed the federal courts for a generation into courts that interpret the laws according to the Constitution. Let the socialist democrat judges make up their own laws from the bench and give Trump federal judges a reason to overturn their lawless decisions. If they ignore the higher court, congress can impeach those democrat judges.

Democrat Socialists Win with Lies

Americans are in a fight to the death to save America from the socialist democrats.  Did you catch the TV snippet of Crazy Commie, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the leftist, communist, socialist new darling of Fake News preaching to a group of 1st graders to fight Trump? This pig, Crazy Commie Cortez is so fucking stupid and ignorant every democrat primary election candidate she backed has lost, democrats now ignore this stupid idiot. Because adults have stopped listening to her, she turns to indoctrinate a bunch of 1st graders because they are kids and don’t know any better. This socialist woman is pure evil and thank God nobody listens to her anymore so she has to look to young kids on a playground to preach to. Disgraceful!

You must get out and vote Republican this 2018 election or Trump’s promises kept will be reversed if the democrats take control of the House of Representatives and put Pelosi in charge of impeaching Trump. The fate of the country rests in American patriots to stop the socialist from taking over. Vote!

The Patriot

 Because the author predicted  these future events exactly on September 1, 2018 this commentary is a republished version!

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