Democrat Impeach Trump Dreams Come True with Open Borders


Democrat Impeach Trump dreams come true with open borders and Democrats will stop at nothing to make it happen. Democrat hopes and dreams will come true with the destruction of the Trump presidency. They’ll declare a national Trump impeachment holiday that will be celebrated forever in Democrat history the day it happens. Open borders is the key to all future democrat victories. Having no borders will open the floodgates of illegal aliens who will vote for democrats.  A lot of states are changing their laws to let illegal aliens vote in their elections. Guess what? The United States Constitution Only Allows American Citizens to Vote in Elections.

Mad Maxine is Baaack!

Packed voter lists of illegal aliens allows democrats like Mad Maxine, Scarecrow Pelosi, Socialist Tom Perez and Crazy Commie, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to Impeach President Trump. All Democrats lie, make up untrue, vicious stories and will say anything to scare the wits out of voters about Trump so they will vote democrat to destroy our Constitution and country. “Hey, you owe us, we democrats gave you all that free stuff, too . Vote democrat!”

Since democrats lose most elections, Mad Maxine Waters knows that violence against all Trump supporters is the solution to destroy conservatives and wipe their opposition to their socialist agenda away forever. Democrats live in a bubble of rabid support in the East and West coast cities, New York, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Baltimore and etc., etc. Violent scare tactics is #1 in their playbook.

Crazy Commie Cortez

The democrat’s new superstar, the Crazy Commie, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the leftist, communist, socialist who won the election in New York against a democrat house leader is an admitted crazy communist. The mush brained millennial kids swept this 28 year old avowed socialist communist into a guaranteed New York House of representative’s seat to Washington in 2018. This rich “Bronx girl’ tricked her voters, she actually grew up in Westchester County, which is a wealthy ritzy suburb of New York City.

Her ignorance was on full display the weekend she won her primary. The Fake News Vampire leftists fell in love with her and invited her to appear on all their big TV talk shows. These stupid liberal talking heads like This Week’s Georgie Stephanopoulos and Chuckie Todd drooled all over her communist skirt. The CBS idiot pretty boy kissed her feet and ass. She ate up all the press attention and answered their questions; “I want Trump impeached, I want open borders for anybody who wants to come here and we must abolish ICE. Oh yeah, I’m a communist socialist.” Thank you democrats, again, for choosing a wacko to represent your party.

Crazy Commie Cortez, yes, she admits she is a communist, promoted her communist policies to the low IQ voters who slurped up the free agenda she promised. They voted for her free stuff for everyone: free abortions, abolish ICE, free houses; free health care; free food; guaranteed high paying government jobs for everyone; free medicine; vows to take away all your guns; and open borders.  Oops, I forgot free phones too! Crazy Commie Cortez tells everybody in interviews that this is what she, the Nutty, Spoiled wealthy rich kid will actually do! She is the perfect dictionary picture of an out of touch person with working people, a wealthy, elite Democrat.

Her policy is to open our borders to the millions of poor, illiterate scum from every shithole country in the world. Let them in and American taxpayers will pay for their welfare. This crazed rich and wealthy woman, actually won her seat in a landslide victory. Tom Perez, the democrat party leader, named her the great new face and leader of the democrat party. Patriotic Americans, you better wake up and vote these nut jobs down in this upcoming election.

Crazy Commie Cortez cannot answer the question of how all her free stuff is going to be paid for. You could tax every working American 100% of what they make and force them to give it all to the government. All that free stuff would still need Trillions of more dollars a year to be paid for. Here’s what a Trillion dollars looks like; one Million dollars $1,000,000; one Billion dollars $1,000,000,000 ; and look at $999,000,000,000 Billion dollars then and add one Billion dollars more and you get one Trillion dollars, $1,000,000,000,000. One dollar bills stacked on top of each other to make One Trillion Dollars would be 67,000 miles high or ¼ the way to the moon. Crazy Bernie Sanders and Crazy Commie Cortez can’t answer the question every time they are asked about who’s going to pay for their socialist policies.

democrats can Win in 2018

Democrats cannot win elections because the voters are smart enough to vote against a socialist’s agenda. They see and saw how communism fails across the world every time. The city of Dallas, Texas’ economy is bigger than all of North Korea. Believe this fact; we are graduating out of our schools ignoramus students. They’re idiots, wacky, stupid and believe Fake News CNN tells the truth. They are more stupid than Fake News reporters. They want what Crazy Bernie and Crazy Commie Cortez are offering. These dumbass kids do not know the satisfaction normal humans get out of working at their jobs and getting paid for it. That’s what happens when you give trophies in school for last place finishers.

It feels good to know in your job you created value at work and were rewarded for it. America does not put a limit on what you can earn. It’s a free country. Democrats hate that and want to destroy it. Patriots, don’t be fooled by the traitorous democrats who can’t open their mouth without lying and scaring people to death to get your vote. Keep America on track to getting Great Again. Keep America safe from the democrats allowing MS13 to run free in our country. Support President Trump’s efforts into building the wall and vote this election. He needs more Republicans to help him help you.

The Patriot

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