Jilted James Comey Still in Love with Trump


Jilted James Comey is still in love with trump and is still so hurt a year later that the President ended their marriage by firing him. After all, Jilted James was the goddess of the FBI. He could make up his own laws; make up reasons for his own set of Comey rules that would only apply to him because the real laws were made only for the 48,000 FBI employees and the other 300 million Americans. Little Jimmy Comey has his own laws. He’s so obsessed with the president, the only clear obvious reason is that he’s a jilted lover. I’m not going to mention the title of his book, ever, but he calls himself a self-appointed higher authority and that is where all the framing of President Trump started.

Jilted James Really Believes that he is God in his Pursuit of Destroying the President.

HE made the decision to take over the powers of the Attorney General to decide not to prosecute Hillary for her crimes. HE holds a press conference to let the world know that HE must do this.  HE had to do it to ensure her election. Everybody who wants open borders and puts keeping their job in Washington above all else do not have one ounce of patriotism in their body. They all backed Hillary because she was a shoo in. Everything in Washington would stay the same.  But the dumbass god Comey was too slick by half in analyzing wrongly that her election was a shoo in. The world has never seen a more clueless god about knowing what the public wanted. The real God recognized that he had to take over from the pretender and let the public vote for Trump. Lordy Jimmy, thanks for getting him elected.

Do you ever notice that ALL those that shout from the rooftops that I’m following God’s instructions to do what I must do are completely insane? Preachers who get caught with hookers, Christians who preach at you that you must change your ways and act like they do, they’re all a bunch of crazy nuts that try to tell you how to live your lives. America is the land of freedoms, free speech, free to act any legal way you want to act. Psyco mass murderers talk just like Jilted James to justify a murdering rampage in high schools and Las Vegas. James Comey is a whack job! So God, whose blessing was given to our country at the birth of our nation, then protected us in winning our revolution, recognizes Satan’s handiwork when he sees it, and sent angels to protect our country. How in the hell else could George Washington lead every battle from the front and never get hit by a bullet? All religious followers who are true believers in God live their lives according to their religion. They only answer to God for their actions, not Jilted James.

The War for our Country has Begun

Jilted James Comey declared war on our Constitution and the presidency and it is now a fight to the death. This jerkoff went to Congress and testified that he leaked official FBI documents to a friend to get the special counsel appointed. Mission accomplished. Remember when the traitor, Senator Chuck Schumer warned the President “you better watch out, the intelligence agencies will come after you.” True! They did and look what they’re doing to destroy our country.

Mueller and his band of traitors are out to destroy you, Mr. President. There was no crime  committed by you, no collusion, no obstruction of justice and they know it. But, look at how these traitors ignore all the crimes committed in front of them with solid evidence. Let me count the ways.

Hillary removed classified documents to her private server and never was put under oath by the FBI when interviewed about it. James Clapper, John Brennan, Susan Rice and Samantha Powers lying under oath in testimony before Congress and in their interviews on TV were ballsy. Attorney General Loretta Lynch meeting with ex-President Bill Clinton on the tarmac to get their stories straight the day before Hillary met with the FBI. All of them protecting the fact the Muslim traitor Barack Obama guided his followers on the cover up of the phony Steele dossier to overturn the election. How about Federal FISC judges approving the illegal surveillance of an elected president and  all the other Americans who worked for him by using a phony dossier paid for by Hillary? Americans wake up!

Just look at the smug, arrogant, self-appointed God James Comey answer questions from reporters. When Jilted James goes in for a book tour interview, he always greets the host by humping their leg, like the crazed dog he is. Poor Jimmy Comey, on the journey of your mission to impeach him, just wait until President Trump gets through with you and your coconspirator Kool Aid drinkers. I can’t wait for your future perp walks to take place. You punks will pee pee your pants and will slither back to your well deserved jail cells.

Our Last Hope

Mr. President, I know you are the greatest patriot our country has seen in a long time and you have one hell of a fight on your hands. But, I know the American people will come through for you. The patriots in Congress got your back. God’s got your back. You were chosen to lead this fight by the invisible hand of fate to protect our democracy. You gave me my voice to write like you talk.

The Patriot


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