The Kangaroo Coup of President Trump


The Kangaroo Coup of President Trump has never before happened in the history of the civilized world. What is a Kangaroo Coup? Here’s the simple answer.

Kangaroo Court

The definition of a Kangaroo Court means a hurry up trial that finds the person guilty fast! You are not allowed to defend yourself! The rats judging you want to hurry up and get their show trial over with and send you to jail so everybody thinks you’re guilty. Your head spins because you’re found guilty before you even enter the courtroom.

A Coup

A Coup is the swift illegal seizure of power of a government. The Democrats’, who control the House of Representatives, if you watch Fox News , you will see that’s EXACTLY what the shifty liar Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi are doing now. They want to overturn the legitimate election of your President.

This Kangaroo Coup is really against you, the patriotic voters who voted to send Trump to Washington as your President. The Kangaroo coup is against you, Trump voters! Let what is going on now in Washington DC by these swamp rats stay with you when you go in to vote in 2020. In Secret they are attempting a Kangaroo Coup, to illegally seize power of the government as fast as possible. President Trump, rather you Trump voters, have been found guilty before the trial and it’s held in secret as they prepare democrat witnesses to frame you with their phony, false charges against you.

Secret Trial

As you can see now, they call anti Trump witnesses into a secret room and let them lie and run their mouth off to their heart’s content about their hatred for the evil president and the make believe crimes democrats told them to accuse him of committing. Shifty Schiff finds you guilty before they start and you don’t even get a chance to prove you’re Not Guilty of the lying crimes Shifty Schiff accuses you of committing. This is worse than a witch hunt because the Salem witches were allowed to call their own witnesses to vouch for them at their trial. The democrats are worse than the real Salem witch trials in the 1600’s!

The Republicans are not allowed to ask questions of these democrat witnesses and republicans cannot talk about what was said in the secret trial. They even kicked out a republican member of the House Judiciary Committee, Congressman Matt Goetz, who is responsible for defending President Trump in any impeachment. This rotten process by a handful of democrat traitors that is going on now is because they are in control of The House of Representatives. It’s all secret. The democrats have turned America into a banana republic.

You voted these traitors into power and you voters deserve what you got. Just remember this, payback’s a bitch. Just like when the democrats had control before, they changed a 200 year old Senate rule that required a 60 Senator vote to appoint federal judges to needing only 51 senate votes. You have allowed these traitors to set the United State Constitution on fire and turn it into ashes.

Biggest Liar Ever In American History

Congressman Adam Shifty Schiff, the biggest liar ever in American history has immunity as a congressman. This guy should be hanged for treason. But, Trump supporters believe in the law, police and apple pies. We are patriots. But, thank God President Trump is fighting this Kangaroo Coup. The only way the democrat traitors could beat him is over his dead body. He will never give up and will fight to the end for you.

Voters beware; you have unleashed the most corrupt proceedings in the history of our country. Whatever rights that are sacred to you have been erased from America’s laws. They decided to ignore House rules for taking a vote on impeaching the President because under the law he would be able to defend himself with lawyers and call witnesses. The proceedings would be fair. Removing a President who Americans legally voted into office has never ever happened in the history of our country. Nixon knew he was guilty of high crimes and resigned whereas President Clinton was not voted out of office by the U.S. Senate, Clinton won.

The whole reason for this Kangaroo Coup is to avoid a courtroom because the democrats know the Supreme Court would find their corrupt Kangaroo coup illegal. They would vote to force democrats to give the President his rights as an American citizen, get a Fair Trial under the United States Constitution.

The democrats are in a blind rage of hatred and are trying to remove President Trump from office by making up their own illegal rules. This whole mess is to smear President Trump and hope with their partners, the corrupt propaganda arm of the democrats, Fake News, will smear President Trump 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

CNN Lying Liar Pants On Fire

Did you hear the CNN whistleblower who secretly audio taped corrupt CNN President, Jeff Zucker, ordering his reporters to run impeachment 24 hours a day until Trump is gone? CNN calls themselves, “The most trusted name in news’” my ass! Nice job Project Veritas!

These democrats are sick and corrupt to rip the rights away from a President of the United States. They are evil and will stop at nothing, even violence, especially from their antifa arm of the democrat party. Democrats support antifa. Look at how power drunk they are, again thanks to you Trump voters who voted them into office. The democrats are against gun rights and want to confiscate all guns; They hate free speech; they ignore laws; they don’t believe in the right to a fair trial; they believe in violent acts against those that oppose their views; and they believe women have a right to kill a baby they just gave birth to on their orders by a doctor (abortion at birth)! Murder! Hey voters, I hope you learned your lesson by now and vote these traitors out of power in 2020 and take your country back.

It’s Not Too Late Yet

Look, it’s not too late yet. There’s still time left to save your country, the united States of America. All you voters can stop these traitors from succeeding with your Kangaroo Coup. It’s just a desperate democrat attempt at a coup de ’tat. The democrats know Muslim traitor Obama approved the frame up of President Trump as a Russian agent. That inspector General report is coming out in the next week and the U.S. Attorney Bill Barr has added more FBI agents and staff for the prosecutor, John Durham, because he’s uncovered the traitors involved with the Insurance Plan to remove President Trump. Democrats know Obama people will be going to jail for their treasonous acts soon, so they’re trying to hurry up and smear Trump. Democrats staying in power depend on a successful smearing of President Trump.

I still have a lot of faith in patriotic voters because you get it, you always do. Your gut told you Trump was the right guy to send to Washington as your President. You won in 2016. Now let’s send the democrats back to the hell they came from in 2020!

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