Mob Rule Democrats’ 2020 Election Hopes Are Slithering Away Fast


Mob rule democrats’ 2020 Election hopes are slithering away fast due to voter’s revolt! The word slithering is a great definition for the venom the democrat  snakes have injected as a desperate call to get votes. Voters are woke! The democrats sliming of opponents by swearing false accusations against republicans now going back to grade school proves they are mentally  unhinged. If eating glue in the 3rd grade as retold by his teacher, Nikki Fiske , describing Stephen Miller as a child, as a child for God’s sake! The democrats’ partner in propelling false accusations, Fake News, gave Nikki headlines. And if you can believe the tale she wove read on. She says, she wrote it down in Mr. Millers 3rd grade yearend report, “was whited out by the school principle by the demands of his horrified parents.” Evidence was “whited out”, the proof disappeared again leaving a totally unproven smear against president Trump’s closest aide.

democrats Sink Below A Sewer Full Of Shit

A sewer would be a step up for the democrat party, but no, their fear of losing power after having tricked voters into believing their lies for 40 years has been realized. Democrat politicians are crazed, mentally unstable seeds of the devil. They have sunk below a sewer full of shit in an attempt to reverse the losses their internal polls are showing all across America coming in 2020. Beware of the Invisibles!

For years democrats have waved pixie dust over their voter’s eyes. Lie after lie, after lie was never called out, because democrats always gave out free stuff to their voters. But along came Donald J. Trump who shook a fist in their face and said to them, lie no more. Trump calls himself a counter puncher against those who attack him. He should be described as a knockout counter puncher. If you slap Trump, he crushes your face with a ball bat. If you take a shot at him and miss, he drops a nuke on you.

Kanye West Superstar

Kanye West, superstar rapper, and NFL great Jim Brown had lunch with the President at the White House. Kanye, in front of the Fake News press in the Oval Office and professed his love and admiration for the President wearing his red MAGA hat. For that independent thinking, away from the democrat loving slaves to the democrat plantation, he was vilified, mocked, made fun of, and called a token black Uncle Tom for the Republicans for doing that. The mob rule Democrats are now out to destroy Kanye West because democrats do not want blacks to think for themselves.

Girly Boy CNN’s Don Lemon

The evil talking head socialists on all the networks, except Fox News, called him sick and crazy and Kanye belongs back in a mental hospital. These evil sick human beings and Don Lemon, the most crazed, ignorant, stupid, racist jealous black talking head  leftist was below sewer shit in his rants against Kanye. Lemon once seriously asked the FAA if the missing jet could have been sucked into a black hole. His ignorance level is below every child from kindergarten up in the world. Everybody is smarter than the weak Girly Boy CNN’s Don Lemon. Kanye got center stage in the Oval Office and every jealous back stabbing black leftist democrat talking head brought up his dead mother and called him mentally ill. You can’t put the mob democrats back in office.

This is the most important election in your lifetime. America’s existence as a nation is on the line. Mad Maxine Waters will become head of a committee in Congress and that’s just for starters. The mob democrats will  destroy our borders. Patriots must vote Republican in every race and keep President Trump’s economic good time rolling for blue collar workers.

The Patriot

Because the author predicted  these future events exactly on October 12, 2018 this commentary is a republished version!

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