Mueller Impeaching Trump Hits a Roadblock – FBI Planted Mueller Spy on Trump Campaign!

Mueller impeaching Trump hits a roadblock; it’s discovered the FBI planted a Mueller spy on the Trump Campaign he thought he could hide. It was revealed at least one FBI spy was installed in July of 2016 to not only spy on the Trump campaign, but plant evidence they could use to impeach Trump. That’s “Andy” McCabe’s insurance policy called plan B!

Remember all the top F.B.I. executives who were emailing back and forth about that plan B Andy had in place? The backup just in case Trump was elected. The plan was so they could get rid of him? Impeach Trump! Right now I am telling you; that the lying Muslim traitor Obama was behind this plan B all the way. Obama, their boss, approved the plan for them to destroy America’s democracy.

July 31 is a Cover Up for More Spies to be Discovered Before July

We’re going to find out that all the spy agencies, CIA, NSA, and the FBI’s cover your ass July date was to hide the fact they were all in on spying on the Trump campaign probably months before. What they did is so illegal that it will go down in history as the biggest plot ever to destroy a President. They covered up the Hillary Russia collusion they all knew was happening years before. Hillary broke so many damn laws hiring a foreign agent, British ex-spy Christopher Steele, to give Andy a neat present of the phony Trump dossier. We’re going to find out the planting of evidence on the Trump people were under way by at least two other spies in the spring of 2016! They wanted to make sure his defeat by Hillary looked legal. Oops, he won. So plan B was up and running. Traitors All!

We know Mueller knew about this one spy discovered so far. He was on the FBI payroll when Mueller was the director. Mueller signed this guy’s checks. Then Comey signed his checks. The first rule of planting evidence on somebody you want to frame for a crime is, don’t get caught! “Bad Bobby” Mueller and his gang of conspirators to take down our President are the dumbest crooks you will ever see at work.

First, he and his pal Rosenstein’s plot to impeach Trump for firing their buddy, “Jilted” James Comey. Mueller gleefully goes about implementing a plan to get rid of President Trump the only way they can, Impeaching him. Then he goes about putting his impeachment crew of prosecutors together. He selects only those tried and trusted allies, democrats all and they’re also big Hillary supporters, to get the job done. The dumbass Mueller doesn’t seem to know the whole of America can see everything he is doing shamelessly; ALL are democratic prosecutors who donated money to the democrats! I mean some of them would die trying to impeach Trump. His lead attack dog prosecutor, Andrew Weissmann, went to party and celebrate with Hillary at her campaign headquarters on election night.

The Attempted Coup against President Trump!

This was a planned coup by the US government and its spy agencies in case Trump won. This whole merry band of outlaws running our spy agencies are traitors to the foundation of the American way of life, and that is the people rule our government by elections That is written into our United States Constitution by our founding fathers. Thank God all these traitors were over confident and ignorant in their ability to pull this coup off. But still, that makes them even more dangerous to all of us. Really stupid people in power make really stupid mistakes. Sometimes fatal mistakes involving murder!

We really need to have a perp walk with a handcuffed Mueller and Comey leading the parade of traitors on their way to Traitors Trial. That group would be ex NSC director Brennan, ex CIA director Clapper, ex vice president Biden, ex Attorney General Loretta Lynch, Hillary, Susan Rice, Samantha Powers, etc. on the way to their conspiracy trial. We have to protect the rule of law and the only way to do that is to put all these traitors in jail. We must send a strong clear message out to anyone who thinks they can take down our Constitutional government, our way of life many fought and died for to exist.

America has been a beacon of light for al the evil world to see. That ray of freedom emanating from America stands in the way of evil people that rule by terror with the death and destruction of their opponents. Dictators like Hitler and Stalin, Muslim terror merchants like Iran and Osama bin Laden who brainwash their captive people to chant death to America since childhood. That is why most of the world wants to destroy us. Destroying America is the only path for their evil survival.

First Mueller Spy Identified by Name

The name of the first longtime FBI spy and mole is one Cambridge University professor named Stefan Halper, who contacted Trump advisers, Carter Page, George Papadopoulos and deputy campaign manager Sam Clovis during the 2016 campaign. In fact he initiated the contact with Trump campaign workers weeks before the FBI counter surveillance investigation of the Trump campaign began on July 31, 2016. For more detailed info go read The Daily Caller.

This rat Halper was all part of Obama’s master plan to destroy Trump’s chances of winning the presidential election. Halper’s job was to plant evidence on those Trump campaign workers, then swear in court before the FISA judges that he discovered that very same evidence he planted that Trump was colluding with the Russians. You will find out that the FBI used this guy as their fact witness along with the phony, made up Steele dossier to swear in front of the FISA judges. That’s why they needed the warrants, to spy on Americans.

Get this, Comey and Rod Rosenstein signed off four different times on these warrant applications, swearing under oath that it was true before these judges when they knew it was false! I can damn well guarantee you it will come out that Mueller has already given his good buddy, James Comey, immunity from prosecution. This rat bastard crew of traitors planned a coup on President Trump! Why else would Rosenstein appoint Mueller when there was no crime yet? Because the fix on framing the President was still underway. Mission Accomplished!

Halper, the republican rat fink traitor, has been working for the FBI and the CIA since 1980. For his recent planting of evidence on Trump and a few years prior for other dirty tricks, the FBI paid him almost one million dollars. Some of that money Mueller signed off on when Halper worked as a spy for him. The pieces of the conspiracy of the framing Trump impeachment puzzle is becoming very clear. Rosenstein is a witness against Trump which is illegal under Justice Department rules. That’s like having a bank robber being his own defense lawyer and prosecutor in his own trial. The bank robber goes free! Rosenstein guarantees the fix is in against Trump.

Obama Needs to be in Prison Too!

But to have American leaders adopt the evil methods of banana republics and use their powers against opposition American presidential campaigns has gone too far. It is one tiny step away from imprisoning political opponents and even murdering them, like Russia’s Putin does. Maybe the silver lining to the Mueller investigation is that we were able to discover the plots that were hatched to frame a President for impeachment. But there is no way to let these traitors off the hook with a hand slap and a finger wag warning them not to do it again. Their punishment must be severe and that means a trial by ordinary citizens and a long prison sentence if they’re found guilty. Yes, put Obama in jail too if he is found guilty. He committed impeachable crimes while in office. But now that he is no longer president, he can and must be prosecuted as the leader of this pack of rat shit, no good fucking traitors.

What a blessing that the people elected Trump President. One thing is crystal clear, only President Donald J. Trump had the strength and stamina to fight this fight. It is an American miracle that he’s still standing. Maybe we could say that God still watches over our country. Now get off your asses and vote in some more republican  help for him this 2018 election. Back the Republicans who vow to support Trump. He needs your help again. America survived a coup that would have destroyed our Constitution. The evil democrats are committed to destroying our country and they will forever continue their quest to topple this country. Patriots, your vigilance must be eternal. Vote!

The Patriot

Because the author predicted  these future events exactly on May 15, 2018 this commentary is a republished version!

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