Mueller Traps Trump Like a Rat in a Trap


Congratulations Special Counsel Robert Mueller

Congratulations Special Counsel Robert Mueller, you nailed him. You finally got Trump right where you want him, right in your crosshairs. All you have to do now is pull the trigger, stuff him, and then hang him on the wall in your den. You took him down baby. He’s finished! You’re even planning to put a spotlight on his golden hair to remind everyone that nobody messes with your FBI. How dare anyone ever question the motives of your handpicked FBI executives whose only shared goal is to protect the country from the evil menace of President Donald Trump, who never should have been elected?

What are you waiting for? 63 million Americans made a mistake voting for him, and you and your minions are here to right the wrong of those stupid dumbasses that elected him. Never mind that your handpicked protégé, Jilted James Comey was fired by Trump. Forget that another ally, “Andy” McCabe got caught lying under oath to the Inspector General of the Justice Department and also for leaking classified information to the New York Times.

Remember, your temporary boss, the appointer Rod Rosenstein is untouchable . He moons Congress with his bare ass and gives their subpoenas the finger every time they demand him to produce documents. He ordered you to hang the President on whatever crime you can drum up. Rosenstein whispers to you , “hell make up a crime if you can’t find one, I’m giving you free rein on nailing his ass. This president must be impeached, whatever the cost.”

You taught him well Bad Bobby Mueller. Look at the way he answered the question about Congress  drawing up articles of impeachment  for him. Rosenstein laughed out loud at a press conference, “you think I’m afraid of your criminal extortion. I’m bullet proof against extortion, you dumbass congressional nitwits. Washington loves me for getting rid of Trump.”

Thought Police in America

You lost your sexting lovebirds Strzok and Paige who covered for you. And the weak kneed pussy, Attorney General  Jeff Sessions, is still controlled by your buddy Rosenstein. He’s got Sessions under his spell so you can do whatever your heart’s desire into framing Trump or making up any crime of your choosing for what the President thinks about in his mind while making decisions. You are now the official Thought Police in America. Where in the hell does President Trump get the nerve to think he can make decisions without the approval of you, Comey, Rosenstein and the ex FBI bigwigs? Oh, I forgot. Some of the big shots you appointed were fired and are now under criminal investigation by a US Attorney for crimes they  committed in the Bureau of your FBI Bobby. Yeah, screw executive privilege. You know you can ignore Article II of the United States Constitution. You are above the law “Bad Bobby”.

Enough of the Jilted James” Comey lies and corruption. Enough of the corrupt witch hunt you and Rosenstein started hand in hand, by grabbing each other’s asses in a man love salute to get rid of the President. Enough of  the special treatment for Hillary and high ranking justice department officials. Does anybody think our average asses wouldn’t be grabbed up and thrown in jail for committing lesser violations of law? There are two sets of laws in America now: 1. Throw ordinary Americans in  jail for taking a picture on a submarine. 2. Let Hillary and all the other folks in Washington escape any punishment because they are superior, above the law compared to us American peasants. Of course Washington insiders never get prosecuted, they are special, the chosen ones.

Playing Games with the President

There’s only one thing you are forgetting “Bad Bobby” Mueller. You are playing games and messing with the fucking President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. He is a hungry tiger at the end of his cardboard chain and sees you and Rosenstein as fresh steaks waiting for him to eat alive. “Bad bobby” I can guarantee to everybody with access to the web who can read this, and I mean everybody, that you that your traitorous, crooked band of democratic sons of bitches you gathered together for your impeach Trump team, will wish you were never born when Trump gets through with you. Your whole team is trying to frame Trump and his presidency and when that poked Tiger fights back, y’all will wish you were jailed in Kim Jong Un’s North Korea prisons when he breaks free from that chain holding him back.

Mueller, you and your  team of democrats who do not have one ounce of patriotism or love of country or respect for the Constitution in your veins, will rue the day you tried to overthrow the duly elected President of the United States. You traitors don’t think we can’t see through your abuse of prosecutorial powers with the goal of silencing interviewees and bankrupting them with multiple frivolous interviews isn’t Treason? Your secret democratic plan to run up attorneys’ fees for patriotic Americans that can’t afford them, just to send a loud message to everybody to stay away from Trump is foolproof?

America will learn that if a person is called as a witness by you joke of an excuse for prosecutors, or even called before a grand jury as a witness, they can talk about what you scumbags ask them. This is America where free speech is protected! Your federal investigation is so tainted with obstruction of justice by the Pathological Liar Jim Comey, Liar Rod Rosenstein, and Liar “Andy McCabe, Liar Strzok and Paige, Liar Muslim Traitor Obama, Liar Susan Rice, king Liar Hillary, cowardly lion Jeff Sessions, Liar Fake News, and etc, etc. Hell, there are so many of you traitors to name I could fill 10 pages and that would bore you, my great readers, to tears.

Coming Soon-The Greatest Show on Earth

All I can say to everybody is get ready for the most powerful man in the world, President Donald J. Trump to fight back. Have your drinks and popcorn ready, because this fight for the survival of America is just warming up. I’m placing all of my money against the Washington Swamp’s  under estimated and foolish effort to take down our President. Grab your seats, for the new Trump show is about to debut for the world. It will be epic! This damn fireworks show is ready to explode and it will last for all the ages in American history.

The Patriot

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