Obama Caught Committing Treason

obama commits treason

Obama Caught Committing Treason

If you want to commit a vicious, evil treasonous crime, like overthrow an elected president, you better do it alone and  in secret. You can’t trick honest law enforcement leaders with fraud and deceit, because when they discover they swallowed a big lie from a trusted ally, they will expose you in a heartbeat. That’s what happened  when the leaders of Italy, Great Britain and other allied countries that were told by the Obama Administration President elect Trump was a russian agent. In other words Trump was committing Treason. It was a big lie made up to get their spy agencies to conduct stings on Trump’s campaign staff. That is how Obama got Caught Committing Treason. The Definition of Treason is the crime of attempting by overt acts to overthrow the government of the state (USA) to which the offender owes allegiance, again the United States of America.

Obama Loved His FBI Trump Insurance Plan

When you’re lackeys get caught by the law with their hands in the cookie jar and are faced with a long prison sentence behind bars, they will sing like canaries. President Obama will soon discover his henchmen that blindly followed his orders to “take out President Trump” by any means possible after he won the election are cowards. Obama loved his FBI Trump insurance plan presented to him by the FBI’s Peter Strzok, CIA’s John Brennan and the Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.

You ask, What crime was committed? Our own spy agencies, the CIA, NSA and the FBI cannot spy on any American citizen. It is against the law for our own spy agencies to spy on Americans! A Federal judge must approve a criminal warrant to do that. American Citizens are protected by the US Constitution from being spied on  by the CIA. So Obama’s “Rube Goldberg” plan to get around America’s laws was  for all intelligence agencies to slip the phony Steele Dossier to their foreign ally spy agencies in Italy and Great Britain and tell them that it was all true. So when those foreign agencies executed an undercover spy operation against Trump’s campaign staff to entrap them, they did it because the FBI and CIA fed them a bunch of lies. The allied spy agencies then conducted covert spy operations on Trump’s campaign volunteers like George Papadopolous. Meanwhile the Obama lackeys were also leaking  copies of the Steele Dossier to the press to set the stage for the FBI to put Trump under surveillance.

The foreign agencies did their dirty work and then circle back around to the FBI’s Strzok and say, “hey, we found Trump and his people are Russian agents, we think you ought to investigate these Americans.” Now the ally findings now make it okay for the FBI to spy on the president elect. The FBI can now go to the FISA court and lie their asses off to federal judges and get surveillance warrants on all the people in the Trump campaign. The Obama coup d’état plan is set in motion to finally green light the FBI to get rid of Trump.

Why Obama Is Guilty of Treason

The law says that any counter intelligence operation launched against any American Citizen by the FBI must be approved by the President of the United States. Obama had to approve the FBI spying investigation into Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and his campaign. President Obama had to sign off and give his written approval for the FBI to spy on Trump. That’s exactly who the FBI agent Peter Strzok was referring to as “the Boss” in his emails. The FBI calls the president The Boss! That is Why Obama Is Guilty of Treason.

Obama is, was and always will be absolutely madly in love with himself. He saw that everybody in his administration , including the public and the Fake News thought he walked on water, still does. Obama thought he was invincible. He bet he could succeed with any plan to get rid of President Trump that his ass lickers would come up with. The  Obama cult followers like Comey, Clapper, Brennan loved him so much, that when Obama would use the “I” word 132 times in a 15 minute speech talking about himself.

It’s a foolproof plan that would get rid of the outsider, the despicable, deplorable, the irredeemable President elect Trump and his supporters.

Obama The Narcissist

Definition of Obama the Narcissist : he Lives in his own fantasy world; he has a Grandiose sense of self-importance; he Exploits others without guilt or shame; He Needs constant praise and admiration. The only thing Obama, this petty pussy of a man, a Psycho narcissist who could never understand that Trump is a self-made tough guy who could take all the crap Obama threw at him and still get stronger every day in fighting back against Obama’s swamp. President Trump ate up and spit out all the bullets fired at him like Superman. President Trump has to be an angel warrior with super powers sent by God to rid Washington of its evil rats and vipers. Obama would never understand Trump’s ability to fight back because Trump knew he was totally innocent! When you try and kill the king with your false charges, phony evidence and illegal acts of treason, you better not miss. Obama missed! Now it’s time to pay your dues sucker. The Muslim treasonous traitor Obama got caught red handed.

What is happening now is that President Trump learned the hard way that Washington is filled with back stabbing snakes and traitors. They hate him and this country and want Obama’s agenda to live on forever. But, Trump had the strength of a super warrior to fight back in a way he knew would beat these traitors into jail. He made Bill Barr his Attorney General. Barr loves the country, the FBI and the Justice Department. He would ferret out the criminal acts he knew these traitors committed. He quietly went about his investigation of the investigators with his handpicked, law and order impeccable reputation Prosecutor, John Durham.

They flew into Italy, Great Britain and other countries, met with the intelligence agencies that unknowingly got sucked into framing Trump. Bill Barr told them that all the information fed to them by the Obama conspirators was a lie. They got so furious and steaming mad you could fry eggs on their heads after they were told the truth. They got so pissed off they called in their secret agents in to give videotaped depositions to The United States Prosecutor about their roles in the Trump take down. Remember, they thought Trump really was a Russian agent because the phony evidence was given to them by the Obama traitors.

Comey, Clapper and Brennan Buy Pepto-Bismol and Depends Diapers

Now that the investigation of the Trump counter intelligence investigation has been turned into a Criminal Investigation, the traitors are pissing their pants. Washington DC never saw such a stampede to hire criminal defense lawyers. Never in a million years did Obama think Trump would still be President three years after being sworn into office. That’s why Comey, Clapper and Brennan buying Pepto-Bismol and Depends diapers is such a big deal. The worm has turned and they’re scared shitless. They all hired defense lawyers.

Does anybody believe the Obama henchman are going to admit they did it on their own? They all know they are going to go to jail for committing treason, but plead guilty to a lesser crime. But they will snivel and cry their eyes out to the prosecutor and all of them will point the finger at Obama. “He made us do it,” they’ll whimper as they beg for mercy.

When that knock on their door comes in the middle of the night from super pissed off patriotic FBI agents to arrest them, they will all blame President Obama. They will sing and tell their interrogators “Obama ordered us to do it.” They will hope and beg that they get a light prison sentence, but do they really think that American citizens will forgive them for attempting to overthrow a duly elected President? Hell NO! They will do hard time.

The democrats know that the law is closing in  on their hero, Obama. That’s why the democrats pulled out plan C, impeach Trump. Trump knows that the impeachment scam that’s going on now will be dismissed by patriotic Republican  Senators. Sure, a handful of never Trumper Rino Senators will still vote to impeach Trump, but President Trump will make life hell for those Republican Swamp Rat Scum Senators.

Obama Will Never Go To Jail

But, the saddest part of this mess is that President Obama will never go to jail. The world has to see that America will not destroy the country to punish Obama, but show him mercy rather than jail a former president found guilty of committing Treason. His shame will live on forever in American history.

President Trump and the country had to endure a phony Russia witch hunt that tore the country apart for two and a half years before the President was found innocent. The snakes, rats and vipers have been caught. This time we must purge the evil from Washington. American Patriots, President Trump needs your support in 2020 to Keep America Great.

The Patriot

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