President Trump Resigns -Grants Democrat Impeachment Wish

President Trump Resigns – Grants Democrat Impeachment Wish
Democrats’ Wish Granted

President Trump Resigns grants a democrat impeachment  wish come true. They know he will want to avoid the humiliation for being the 1st U.S. President in history removed by being impeached out of office. Nixon Resigned and President Clinton was voted by the Senate NOT to be removed as president. Clinton won his impeachment trial. No president has ever been removed from office yet! The democrats’ hope their wish is granted!

Please follow this tale of truth so you will understand why democrats are hoping, wishing this will happen. Everybody has been accused of something at some point in their life. Let’s make this a false accusation against you of a small crime, something everybody can relate to. A Traffic Ticket!

Suppose one evening the police are waiting for you as you are dropped off at home by your boss. The police are there to arrest you because you’re accused of having a traffic accident that morning. You know that is impossible because at the time of the accident your car was in the driveway while you were having breakfast with your boss who picked you up, drove you to a restaurant to have breakfast with three coworkers and then drove you to work afterwards.

You show your home security video to the police on your cellphone. Your boss tells the cops that you were with him all day and not driving your car. The restaurant security cameras show you there. Your home security cameras show your car sitting there all day while you’re at work. The security cameras at work show you arriving and at your desk all day. There are no dents on your car. The police won’t listen to you and refuse to let you call your lawyer.

They take you into a strange unmarked building, You are taken straight to a secret courtroom. You’re in front of a judge who tells you you’re not allowed to talk, you’re not allowed to defend yourself, and you can make no phone calls. In addition, you’re not allowed any of these constitutional rights : not allowed to have a lawyer, you can’t show any video, you can’t call any witnesses that could say you were with them and the person who accused you of hitting their car testifies against you is hidden behind a screen in the secret courtroom. You are forbidden from talking. You’re found guilty by the judge and taken away to jail and are to be placed in solitary confinement for the next 6 months. They remove you from your job, your family, your life and secretly convict you of a crime that was impossible for you to have committed.

Surprise! You Were Just Impeached!

Surprise! You were just impeached exactly like the democrats are impeaching President Trump. Exactly!

President Trump is not allowed to call witnesses, not allowed to question accusers, not allowed to have a lawyer represent him and must obey Nancy’s rules for impeaching him or they will add more charges like obstruction of Congress. The person who started this impeachment and set up these rules is one person, Nancy Pelosi, the speaker in name only of the house of representatives.

The United States Constitution requires the people’s representatives to formally vote to start an impeachment of the president. One person can’t decide to remove a duly elected president by the American voters. The house of Representatives must vote to formally start the impeachment INQUIRY! Oh, by the way, Nancy Pelosi is third in line to become president if Trump and vice president Pence are removed from office.

Why is Nervous Nancy Pelosi NOT allowing a vote?

Because if they vote yes to start the impeachment inquiry, President Trump can  have a lawyer, President Trump can call witnesses and the whole impeachment INQUIRY must be held in the open House on TV so the American people can decide if they want to remove the president they elected. Oh! By the way the president must be found guilty to have committed high crimes or treason to be removed from office. He cannot be convicted of not doing what the democrats want him to do. He was elected to do the opposite of what the radical, socialist democrats did to tear the country apart. He fixed their mess.

The U.S. Senate is the Final Authority To Remove The President From Office

The United States Senate is the final authority to remove the president from office written in the U.S. Constitution is the 100 United States Senators elected to the Senate. They are President Trump’s jury during the trial! 67 Senators out of 100 at the Senate trial of the President must vote YES to impeach the president. The trial is presided over by the United States Supreme Court Chief Justice, John Roberts. He is chosen as the presiding judge making sure the senators follow the law as written in the U.S. Constitution. Hello, this is all broadcast on TV so again the people can see this is a fair trial.

Kangaroo Coup Of The President, Why Now?

The radical social democrats are attempting a kangaroo coup of the president, why now? They have been calling for his impeachment since the day he was elected. The radicals have lost their minds and are bat shit crazy with hate for President Trump. Their secret polls show he will win reelection in 2020 and like they have said on TV, “If we can’t beat him in an election we must impeach him to stop him.”

Their secret FBI-CIA coup failed and Obama’s henchman will be going to jail. The radicals know the law is closing in on former FBI director Comey, former CIA director John Brennan, Peter Strzok, et al. So the kangaroo court impeachment was Nervous Nancy’s last hope that President Trump would cave in, give up. She has really lost control to the real speaker of the house, Crazy Commie, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her Squad.

This whole mess Nervous Nancy allowed is a radical suicide mission and every patriotic American shouts out loud, “radical dems, vote or crawl back into your hole.” The corrupt partners of the radical democrats, Fake News, have all joined together in their impeachment quest. Polls say only 26% want President Trump impeached. One last breaking bit of news. The pit bull lawyer of the law, Trey Gowdy, has been hired as the personal constitutional lawyer for President Trump.

Show your support for the reelection of President Trump in 2020 and let’s send the radical socialist democrats back into their holes forever!

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