Ripping Border Kids Away from Parents is Trump’s Fault

Ripping Border Kids Away from Parents is Trump’s Fault

Ripping border kids away from parents is Trump’s fault are all the headlines in papers and on TV for over a week now! A Washington Post anonymous source says the President can only go to sleep at night with recordings of kids crying for poppa or momma playing in his bedroom providing sleep music to his ears. He settles into slumber with a great big smile on his face as only the Great Satan Trump can, knowing he has ruined those kids and their families forever. He has been planning and plotting this evil event as his number one goal when he became President. The devil has his ear and he happily bides the devil’s bidding with joy. In fact, Trump wants to win the honor of taking over the devil’s role.

The democrats love what their buddies in the Fake News have done with this story knowing full well the blue wave is back on its way in the 2018 election. Why, they’ll sweep the elections and send President Trump candies and flowers thanking him for his help. If you American citizens believe this bullshit the democrat traitors and their Fake News conspirators are pushing, you need to seek psychiatric help, and fast.

90% of the Border Girls Under 19 Years Old are Raped Before Reaching our Border

90% of the border girls  under 19 years old are raped before reaching our border and Democrats really don’t care. Why in the hell do you want to destroy this country and wipe the USA off the map? Do you people really want no borders? Do you want to ignore the immigration laws? You become partners with the cartels in smuggling drugs because you allow this to continue? Do you want to allow MS13 to take over our cities? Do  you want to allow trafficking of children by the Mexican coyotes since 80% of those kids showing up demanding amnesty are alone, 80%. That’s a fact! 10,000 of the 12,000 kids put in holding hotels in the last three months ( yeah, hotels because they live better than 20% of our poverty stricken American children do) were sent alone by their wonderful, loving  parents to America to become gang members or prostitutes. Great job choices shithole parents. Each child costs you, the taxpayer, $700 a day to take care of. You democrats who back those illegal actions, get the fuck out of my country.

Everybody in America should obey their democrat masters. Citizens, starting immediately ignore all laws. Ignore traffic lights, stop paying child support, keep driving when you hear ambulance sirens coming, just disregard every law you don’t approve of. Write bad checks, steal what you want, ignore every law you don’t like and do whatever you want to do. Yeah, forget the rules because laws no longer apply to you. Cops are evil if you listen to antifa, socialist democrats and black lives matter. You just do what you want to do because that type of country is where we are heading towards fast. Our immigration laws are bad and were made to be broken by every resident of every shithole country in the world. Just come to America for welfare living at its best. The working people of America are paying for putting all you illegal alien animals up.

Democrats today are the most evil, vile pieces of garbage this country has ever produced. Crying Chuckie Schumer and Scarecrow Pelosi, who lives in an open toilet called San Francisco, are not Americans. They live in their millionaire mansions, along with the ever wacky millionaire representative Maxy Walters. Every word they utter is a lie. Why do they do that? Because the idiot voters they represent cannot get news from anywhere else except the anti-Trump comedy shows and listening to the traitorous democrats’ goading them on CNN and all the other Fake News networks. They’re too stupid to be Americans.

What nobody will say to these fucking democratic idiots is this country belongs to Patriots. Americans who love our country because it is a special place to live, to work and raise their kids. All I can say to those democrats and their ignorant blind faith swallowers of bullshit fed to them by  their leaders, your actions will push this country into what you really want, mob rule.

Remember when Crooked Hillary was recorded at a secret meeting in 2016 with bankers telling them that when she becomes president she will eliminate our borders? That is the crux of all this Trump hatred. Leftist democrats are traitors because their goal is to destroy America. The leftist socialist plan is to open our country to the millions of garbage citizens of other countries, creating a one world order with no country boundaries. The Muslim president Hussein Obama was the leader of this plan and Crooked Hillary was going to complete it.

But fate stepped in and produced Donald J. Trump who ran and won the presidency. President Trump was our country’s last great hope to save America. Guess what? The patriots of the country arose against all odds and elected him President. President Trump will go down in history as the one man strong enough to have saved our country.

Even today, as the world finds out more about the FBI conspiracy to frame the president for colluding with the Russians, he still stands strong and fights for our country. They couldn’t find one shred of evidence against Trump and had to manufacture evidence framing the President. No other human could have the strength and will to beat down the onslaught of  the phony witch hunt against him arranged secretly by Comey with Bad Bobby Mueller and Rosenstein.

I predict we will discover Jilted James Comey secretly spoke with Rosenstein and Mueller after he was fired to frame the president. I foresee this truth as being uncovered in the year ahead. Their stupid elite arrogance and belief they were invincible, untouchable and could plant evidence will do them in. The whole special counsel farce will go down in history as the greatest conspiracy ever to attempt a coup against an American President. Mueller’s reputation will finally end up where it will live in history for eternity, in a stinking pile of shit.

Patriots, you must get out and vote this 2018 election for candidates supporting Trump. You must outperform the mob of Trump haters who will turn out to vote against him. If you don’t, you will leave this great patriot, President Trump, to stand alone against Scarecrow Pelosi and her impeachment gang.

The Patriot



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