Democrats Demand More School Shootings –Treason Exposed

Stop School Shootings

“Congressional Democrats made a mistake and exposed their goal to overthrow our Country by allowing more school shootings to happen. We must stop them!”

by The Patriot
February 25, 2018

America, wake up to why we need to stop school shootings. There is a very easy solution to preventing any more deaths and family destruction. We can stop exposing our children to Democratic backed, inspired and motivated shooters. Any parent that will not protect their children by opposing the easy solutions laid out below, do not deserve children. Any future deaths will be blood on parent’s hands. Let’s not forget where shared blame for future shootings belong, Congressional Democratic hands will drip with blood.

The Obstruction to Stop School Shootings

Democratic School boards violently oppose allowing President Trump to implement the framework for stopping school shootings. The president wants to make schools hard targets. The President wants to keep children safe.

School boards, who are 90% democrats, want to drown American children with politically correct indoctrination from the start of kindergarten. They insist on poisoning their minds with disrespect for the American flag, forbidding the use of the pronouns he and she, teaching them to hate the president, forbid the learning of the constitution, and teaching that capitalism is bad while socialism is great. From an early age they demand that there are no winners in competition and every child who participates deserves a trophy. Teachers and schoolboards make sure they properly prepare them for life in their real world objective, a democrat controlled America that our founders would crawl out of their graves and restart a new revolution.

The Press Free Pass Must End

Never has a constitutional right been so abused as “freedom of the press.” A law needs to be passed to inflict severe punishment on any member of the press who has been factually shown to have intentionally lied and purposely published a falsehood. This law can be applied the same as yelling “Fire” in a crowded theatre.

I’m not talking about taking away the Constitutional first Amendment free speech rights of opinion makers or commentators. This law applies to reporters. A person who holds themselves out as a reporter must follow journalistic rules. Any media organization who does not follow the rules must boldly reclassify to the public that reporter as a commentator who is giving their personal opinion. Simple fix.

The Immediate Fix – Four Pillar School Shooting Solutions

President Trump has offered the framework. Arming conceal and carry trained Volunteers inside the school; background checks including mental health red  flags; make schools a Hard target and eliminate “Gun Free” school zones.

The 4th pillar is parent approval. Mandatory parent meetings to register the approval or denial by each parent in writing by simple ballot the proposed school shooting fix. That puts on record the yay or nay of the will of the parents. Parents are held responsible for their decisions affecting the safety of their children. Majority rules.

The last step to finalizing the solution involves school boards and school officials who must go on record for an emergency accountability vote. If they refuse to obey the majority of parents, that problem can be solved.

Dysfunctional Government must be Destroyed

Every form of government from schoolboards, teachers unions, city officials, state governments, whose best example of governance is the driver’s license bureau, and last but most dysfuncted – Congress. The current performance record of the FBI, Broward county sheriff’s department and deputies, social services, school administration and officials blared out loud. Every government agency and employee FAILED.

President Trump has exposed Congress’ true intentions. Democrats and Rinos lie straight to America’s face to achieve their goals. Some of many standout examples (too many to name) are Congressman Liddle Adam “pencil neck” Schiff, senator “Flakey” Jeff Flake, Senator “Fake Tears” Schumer, “Sore Loser” John Kasich and Senator “Lyin Dicky” Durban.

Take notice of this section of the oath of office that congress takes; “that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic…” Now look inward and ask yourself, “Do they actually fulfill their oath of office?” The truth is HELL NO! They do the opposite and try to destroy America as we know and love it.

They go from favoring criminal illegal aliens over Americans; cheer on the MS 13 gang to continue their good deeds of brutal murders; insuring that illegal aliens flood our country; oppose border security; oppose all efforts to enforce American law and encourage more school shootings so they can sweep aside the 2nd amendment to confiscate Americans’ guns. Why?

Democrats are Committing Treason

This is the definition under the law that applies: “Treason is any attempt to overthrow the government punishable by death.” The traitors have been exposed and now we must decide; do we vote Democrats into the death dustbin of history or do we cower and lie down to watch the destruction of America?

We have a choice.

The Patriot

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