Thanks for the Gift Nancy

Devil Child Adam Schiff

Thanks for the Gift Nancy

Thanks for the gift Nancy Pelosi; Americans couldn’t have asked for anything better than what you have given us with your rigged impeachment. Your gift of impeachment has answered the prayers of millions of American Patriots. Thanks for the gift Nancy because you have insured the reelection of President Trump by a landslide. We can’t tell you how happy that makes all of real America. Maybe you really are a patriot at heart and you planned this all along.
By you allowing your Knucklehead traitors in Congress to set up a kangaroo coup with your devil child shifty Schiff as judge, jury and executioner. You bowed down and gave them their impeachment wish because you knew you would lose your job if you didn’t okay the impeachment. By getting on your knees to AOC’s Squad better known as Crazy Commie, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, shining their shoes and kissing their asses Nancy, you forever lost your control as leader. Maybe you really are a secret Trump supporter for turning the House of Representatives over to their 2020 election suicide mission. What you have done is a blessing to show all Americans what was really the lying democrat mission all along. Nancy, your democrat House members are nothing but a bunch of sheep being led by you to their slaughter. Patriots can’t thank you enough.
The polls you ask for every day, paid for by you are skewing the results because they want to tell you what you want to hear. When the ridiculous poll results announced on the now traitor Drudge report as 52 % want president Trump removed, every day has become a celebration for the traitorous democrats. You’re too stupid and you think the American public is stupid too!

The Corrupt Phony Impeachment Polls

When you look at how those polls were conducted, the pollsters added in 128 democratic primary voters out of 900 people polled. That means in simple math 14% democrat Trump haters who want The President removed from office were added to the total. That means only 33% in reality want Trump removed, only 33%! Your pollsters gave you what you want to hear so you will keep paying them. That 33% number is the accurate number of democrats that will follow you and your devil child Adam Schiff into hell.
The Drudge report, MSNBC, Fox and NBC blast Phony headlines that 52% want Trump impeached and removed from office. Do you really think Patriotic Americans listen to your corrupt Fake News partners anymore? Hell No, patriots ignore you. They know anything coming from Fake News is a bald faced lie to turn Trump supporters against him. They are so much smarter than you give them credit for Nancy. They ignore any bullshit headline coming from your media propaganda wing of the democrats. That’s why they are the corrupt phony impeachment polls.

Swamp Rats and Lying Vipers

President Trump is like a one man wrecking crew who is having a massive success in draining the Washington Swamp of traitors. He’s too smart for you and you totally misjudged his abilities. You dumbass traitors have played right into the President’s hands. But democrats are fighting for their lives very badly. Nancy you made it so easy now for the President to see who is a traitor and who is a patriot. Thanks for the gift Nancy.
All these swamp rats and lying vipers are stepping forward to testify against Trump. You all don’t get it! The people elected President Trump to drain the Swamp. These Obama traitor’s still working in the Washington deep state have been sabotaging the President by leaking classified information ever since he set foot in the White House. They were breaking the law, but now think the democrats will protect them when they come forward to testify. All of them disagree with President Trump’s foreign policies because he does not take or want the Swamp rat’s advice. President Trump is using common sense to find solutions in dealing with foreign countries, both friends and enemies. The swamp rats hate him for that because their opinion is now thrown in the sewer by Trump where it belongs. The best part Nancy is that Trump will fire all the leaking, lying traitors who have exposed themselves.
There will be an election landslide for President Trump never before seen in American politics. His win will be historic in every sense of the word. It will be a political earthquake seen around the world.

The Washington Bubble

Nancy and her devil child Schiff live in the Washington bubble. Just think of a goldfish swimming in a bowl. Just add thousands of goldfish in a bigger bowl and you get the Washington bubble. The democrats are a sick bunch of corrupt socialist politicians who want to destroy America. I hope president Trump blocks the do nothing democrats who will not approve military aid to Ukraine. I urge President Trump to fight back with all his powers to destroy the democrats and shut the government down.
The democrat propaganda polls by the destructive Corrupt News are meant to discourage Trump supporters and that’s why headlines shout 53% want Trump Impeached. That’s Total BS Lies. The smart Republican senators know the only poll that counts are the polls taken in the swing states like Ohio, Florida, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Arizona and Pennsylvania. Those swing  state polls show 39% want Trump impeached and removed and 61% say it’s a democrat witch hunt! The idiotic democrat traitors in the House of Representatives have no clue that the US Senate will vote to dismiss the impeachment of President Trump. Hey democrat dummies, only 50 votes are necessary to say goodbye to the phony scam of an impeachment and put it in the trash.

Devil Child Adam Schiff

The Republican Senators know that only giving President Trump the same due process rights as an illegal alien gets in this country will satisfy the US Constitution. Devil child Adam Schiff lives in his own bubble world if he thinks the American public agrees that he should be the judge, jury and prosecutor who decides that the President gets no rights to call his own witnesses and cross exam the traitors who want him removed from office. Thanks for the gift Nancy! We’re all going to have a wonderful Christmas watching the traitorous democrats destroy themselves.
Thanks for this wonderful gift to Keep America Great Nancy. Now let’s everyone show our patriotic American support for President Trump.
Thanks for the gift Nancy. You’ve saved our country.

The Patriot

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