The Impeachment Boomerang


The Impeachment Boomerang

The Impeachment boomerang will destroy the extremist democrat party forever, like it should. American patriots will not put up with one secret inquisitor (Shifty Schiff) to  conduct a secret inquisition to secretly overturn the election of President Trump. This clandestine Soviet style secret inquisition is being conducted by the most cowardly serial liar in history, the corrupt Adam Shifty Schiff. This sissy of a man who was bed wetting until his late teens, crying himself to sleep because nobody in school ever wanted to be around this sniveling, diaper wearing, thumb sucking 16 year old sick excuse for a human being. In high school, Shifty Schiff would run away crying and hide in the girl’s restrooms until teachers promised to keep him in protective detention.

The Sniveling  Impeachment Leader Liar Adam Schiff

The Sniveling  Impeachment Leader Liar Adam Schiff is leading the charge. This creepy sorry excuse for a man finally has a chance to get even with all the real men and women in the world. He’s in charge of holding a secret one sided impeachment hearing in a classified room, hiding witnesses so they can’t be questioned by the president’s defenders or lawyers. He’s hiding secret trumped up charges by the deep state that the democrats want to use to secretly throw out the results of the last presidential election because of their hatred of Trump and his voters. Just what is the classified secret to keep the American people from seeing in the open sunlight what their elected President is being falsely accused of? The answer is absolutely nothing. It is exactly because President Trump has created a too successful economy as our President. They must impeach him or “he’ll win the election again.”

This is the United States of America, a country that was founded on the freedom and liberty of our citizens. This is what our revolutionary founding fathers risked their lives for and risked the loss of their families and homes to achieve. The American Revolution was fueled by brave men and women who faced long odds taking on the greatest military Empire in the world that had their boot on our neck. The British empire denied their American citizens liberty and freedom and used their red coat soldier thugs to burst down doors into people’s homes to arrest innocent suspects. Those arrested were suspected of being revolutionary sympathizers against the British empire to live their lives as they choose.

Thank God for these crazy democrats whose obsession of hatred for Trump is blindly leading themselves into a suicide mission of self-destruction. It is hard for normal Americans to understand this craziness that is so hard to believe. The socialist liberal democrats live in a bubble world. That bubble has no connection to the real world outside. This democrat party is what they have been cultivating by their own self-taught evolution of socialism. It all goes back to the communist party and the Islamic madrassas where children are brainwashed into their ideas starting at an early age. Those templates of teachings are what democrats embraced and have created their extreme brand of socialism.

Destroy America Now

Stop and think of what they are asking you voters to approve: Open American borders; Confiscation of your guns; Free Health care for all illegal aliens; All illegal aliens must be allowed to vote in our elections, even the Boston bomber; Overturning an election they lost; Tear up the United States Constitution; Confiscate your paycheck and share your money with everybody; Take away your doctor and force you to go to government doctors; Free health care for all; and on and on and on. In short, democrats want to make you a ward of their state of whatever they say it is. They want to Destroy America now.

Democrats have no clue of the voter backlash that is rolling right towards them. When American patriots find out that what the crazy, delusional socialist democrats really want to do is to take down America. They threw a boomerang at America oblivious to that the boomerang is headed coming straight back at them aiming to hit them between their eyes. The democrats will destroy themselves.

American Patriots Let Their Guard Down

Let this event be a real lesson to American patriots that  you must never let your guard down again because evil is waiting to take away all your rights. Remember if they can do this to your president, how easy you make it for them to do it to you. It’s your fault you let them take over your schools, you let them gain power to go to Washington to let their kids get rich because you allowed them do it. You allowed the corrupt weasel Shifty Schiff to conduct secret hearings to remove your elected President.

Only you voters have the power to take back control of your country from this evil cult of democrat socialism they are forcing down your throats. There’s not enough money in the world to pay for what they are promising to give you, and that is free everything.

Let’s all make sure the impeachment boomerang comes back and destroys them by raising your voices now to stop the secret inquisition that shifty Schiff is conducting. Let’s vote out all the democrat House members this 2020 election and vote in Trump’s people. You want Trump patriots, real American patriots that the democrats call “the deplorables”  to gain back control of that most important third branch of government, the U.S. House of Representatives.

This election is in your hands now, you the people! Now take back control of your country!

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