The Mueller Russia Report Gives Democrats a Blue Wave Election Win

The Mueller Russia Report Gives Democrats a Blue Wave Election Win

The Mueller Russia report gives democrats a blue wave election win against Trump supporting congressional candidates. You can bet the house “Bad Bobby” Mueller will file a report for Congress in early April that will call President Trump’s Russia collusion personal behavior “obstruction of justice, deceitful, untruthful and he refused to cooperate with my investigation. My conclusion is Trump is not fit to be President of the United States.” The Washington Post and New York Times will leak his report right after he gives it to Rod Rosenstein. The ink won’t be dry and it will be blasted all over by the enemy of the people, Fake News.

The Gang Who Can’t Shoot or Think Straight

Democrats and their Fake News conspirators will report that Trump is unfit to continue as President. The Fake News will report 24 hours a day until the election why Donald Trump should be forced out as President or at the very least should resign. Pencil Neck Adam Schiff will walk around with a microphone and Go Pro Camera attached to his suit so he can wail and interview himself all day long about President Trump being an evil dictator, traitor and now you must vote for democrats so we can impeach the president. Mad Maxine Waters will ride around Washington DC in a golden carriage and have her staff throw rose petals in front of her as she walks to her office. The democrats will name her the low IQ Queen of Congress.

Confused Nancy Pelosi will visit a microphone once a week to say she has been forced to recommend president Trump should now be impeached. “ I have never wanted to impeach the president.  For the good of the people, I agree with my colleagues we must get rid of him. We must take the crumbs back they gave you because it was our government money he gave you, the taxpayers, saving over $6,000 a year in Tax Cuts.  It was our democrat spending money he had no right to give you and we want it back. And Trump will never be elected president this fall, we can’t allow it to happen. The moon is made of cream cheese.” That is how goofy, confused and wacky Nancy Pelosi will  describe the Mueller Russia report while loudly acclaiming we must impeach Trump.

This is the Swamp’s last chance at a coup d’état. Every attempt at framing the President of the United States by the corrupt leaders of the FBI has failed. The FBI looked like the Three Stooges in attempting to overthrow the President. They were so arrogant and so much better than the peon American people that they blatantly texted each other thinking they would never get caught in their coup plans. Smirky Peter Stroe-zak finally was fired by the FBI. Disgraced and fired assistant FBI director Andy McCabe is now under criminal investigation. You can bet your house he goes Scott free, like Hillary was given an FBI stay out of jail card from criminal charges.

Let us not forget our favorite fired FBI director Jilted James Comey who started this obstruction investigation of President Trump. I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t find out soon that he was talking to his mentor “Bad Bobby” Mueller and Rod Rosenstein the night he was fired as they set their conspiracy insurance plans into action to overthrow President Trump. You could empty Sing Sing prison and not get a more crooked and corrupt bunch of crooks than the leaders of the Justice Department and the FBI.

The Three Stooges are Back!

President Trump and his attorneys smelled out the perjury trap Mueller was planning for him. But, this band of traitors forgot one teeny tiny thing, the United States Constitution is America’s Supreme Law of the land. According to Article II of the Constitution, the President of the United States  can fire anybody in his executive branch and nobody can question him why he did it. He is the elected leader of the country by 65 million American people. Stick that up your ass you corrupt bastards. That’s why the only way they could get rid of Trump would be by framing him for crimes he did not commit. The Three Stooges of Comey, Rosenstein and Mueller will get what’s coming to them after this is over. Their past corrupt acts are so deep it stinks worse than sticking your head down an outhouse hole.

This fact you can bet your life on, President Trump will appoint a pit bull and Swamp cleaning, new Attorney General of the United States. The lifetime swamper head of the FBI will be fired and replaced by an anti-corruption mad dog of law enforcement that will kick out the rest of the lingering stench of corrupt leaders and prosecute those that have it coming. He will appoint true patriots who respect our rules and laws. These new leaders will be cheered by the rank and file of 35,00 agents who are patriots and will bring the FBI back to its honored pedestal of respect.

Make no mistake that “Bad Bobby” Mueller will pull every dirty rotten lying trick to nail President Trump. The Mueller report “Bad Bobby” intentionally will write so as to help the democrats win this upcoming election. But the American people are too smart and have sniffed out that rotten rat Mueller trying to steal the country back. The rat tries to steal the election that Trump won back into his den of corrupt buddies. Mueller’s got to act fast because someone over at the FBI’s 7th floor is growing a set of balls and deservedly fired Smirky Strzok.

President Trump has an army of angels looking out for him and it’s a country filled with a majority of patriots. Get out and support the Presidents’ Candidates or the democrats will fulfill their dreams of impeaching him. Vote for Trump patriots and watch the democrats slit their wrists for losing the election, again.

The Patriot

This story is a republish of August 12, 2018 because it predicted the future!

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