The Trump Middle Finger

The Trump Middle Finger

The President is giving the Trump middle finger to Washington D.C. and the swamp is losing it! Washington heads are exploding because they cannot understand why Trump doesn’t know “we got him.” The President is supposed to crawl into a corner, cry his eyes out, take a fetal position and suck his thumb because the swamp always wins. But, Trump knows he’s got them by the balls, they just don’t know it yet. So he stands defiantly and gives nervous Nancy Pelosi, the Liddle lying deranged shifty Adam Schiff, the Rino republicans and all of Washington his middle finger.

Washington Swamp Rats

Why does Trump feel so safe and secure while this phony sham of an illegal impeachment is going to kick him out of office? All of Washington knows Trump is finished. Everybody knows it in DC except the one guy who calls the rotten Washington swamp rats out, President Trump.

Hey, all you dummies in DC, have you forgotten that he is the most powerful man in the world? He hasn’t! You see, he knows what his US Attorney General Bill Barr and his pit bull prosecutor,John Durham, have uncovered the swamp’s insurance plan of the FBI and CIA coup to remove him from office. They found not only the smoking gun, but all the bullet holes that were left when they were shooting at Trump. Washington has to know that the prosecutor has expanded his investigation by adding more FBI investigators and more assistant prosecutors.

Attorney General Bill Barr has gotten all the foreign countries that were duped by the Intelligence Community traitors into helping them to remove the President to cooperate with his investigation into their illegal scheme. These countries are bending over backwards to assist him after the Attorney General told them the truth about this coup.

Trump Holds All The Aces

President Trump knows everything that’s going on and what has been uncovered so far. He’s playing with Washington swamp rats like a cat plays with a mouse he caught. We’re watching a historic moment in American history where one man is going to single handily destroy the swamp and drain it dry. While Washington gasps “Oh my” at his defiance to them, Trump gets stronger because he loves a fight when he’s holding all the aces.

Look at the way he taunts the buffoons. He has stopped stone cold the enemy of the people, the Fake News press from having their faces shown on TV by holding his daily press briefings on his terms. The score, Swamp 0 Trump 1 Remember when he stood out in front of them and asked China to look into Hunter Biden? Washington and the press lost their minds and were so crazed screaming, “Trump committed the same crime again, impeach him, and Impeach him now.” He was twisting their noses so they would go crazy for 24 hours. His attorneys told him what he could legally say so he’s not committing a crime whatsoever. Swamp 0 Trump 2

Pelosi comes to the White House and she thinks Trump is going to bow down to her because of the impeachment. Wrong! He smacks her down and sends her into crazy, foaming at the mouth rage. Swamp 0 Trump 3 Everybody in the swamp is writing op-eds, TV talking heads are talking 24/7 how crazy he is committing more crimes on camera. He’s setting you dummies up, making sure you can’t sleep at night because of his “bizarre” behavior. He smiles all the way to his campaign rally knows you’re the mouse the cat’s playing with. Swamp 0 Trump 4 Trump knows these bubble heads have no sense of humor whatsoever and it delights him even more to make fun of them by saying outlandish things to in his own humorous way to poke fun at these sick idiots. All right, let’s get to the end of his playtime and make the final score Trump 100 Washington Swamp 0!

Illegal And Unconstitutional Impeachment Inquiry

The President knows the courts cannot, nor will not interfere with the illegal and unconstitutional impeachment inquiry going on now. This is exactly what our founding fathers said they never wanted to happen. For the moment, the traitorous democrats are sucking up all the TV time with their selected leaks on their banana republic secret coup, keeping the American people from seeing their treasonous actions. No Republicans get to ask questions or call witnesses. He’s fighting back with all the campaign events and press briefings, understanding right now he has to fight on an uneven field until he gets the chance to defend himself. That will not be a Secret Kangaroo Coup, but out in the open on TV before they get a vote to impeach him.

The Impeachment Jury Is The US Senate

Oh yeah, President Trump now knows he’s going to be impeached for sure, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to be kicked out of office. The US Senate is the voting jury for the trial. They say yes or no when they vote. In fact, US Senators are not allowed to speak during the President’s trial, only his defense attorneys. So that’s why President Trump is giving the middle finger to all of Washington D.C.

Now Let’s look closer at the jury who will vote on impeaching him out of office. Right now 20 Republican Senators must vote yes with the democrats to actually overturn you, the voter’s 2016 presidential election and remove the President from office. The slimy Rino republican senators who hate Trump are Mitt “Penguin toed” Romney, Ben “Sissy” Sasse and a handful more of less than five who will vote guilty. The final vote will be like 52 Yes for removal and 48 no. Trump wins because 68 senators must vote yes to remove the President.

Why am I so sure about President Trump winning the vote, because The People must want him kicked out of office?

Our brilliant founding fathers wrote that a President must commit high crimes and misdemeanors in abusing his oath of office. It’s required that the people’s House of Representatives must find evidence of these constitutional abuses. What is going on now is the crazed hatred by the democrats that have broken all House rules; all the laws be damned, ignore them; screw the US Constitution; the socialist loving leftists mob is rioting; Only America hating citizens want to stop the one man wrecking crew of their destruction, President Trump. They are in a death spiral watching President Trump beat their crazy ass anti American ideas to death with his winning, winning, winning that benefits American voters. He must be stopped at all costs.

The People Have The Power

He knows the power to remove him really rests with you, the people. Right now President Trump is breaking all the economic job records and adding more supporters, breaking record attendance and fund raising at his every rally by converting more democrat and independent voters by the thousands into more Trump voters every day.

You, the people decide whether or not to remove the President. Sure, every leftist socialist democrat hates Trump, those in the major cities and West – Left Coasts will scream remove him. But, the patriotic Americans that make up the majority of the country will raise their voices in support of President Trump like never before in history. The Republican Senators know that if they vote to remove him, they will have destroyed the Republican Party out of existence for the next 100 years. They will commit political suicide by going against the people who put them in office.

President Trump knows you, the people, get it because you know he’s fighting for you. That’s why he keeps giving the democrats, the Fake News and the Swamp rats the Trump middle finger, to piss them off even more. It’s hilarious watching them all foam at the mouth with crazed looks, an uncontrolled, sick, Trump hating mob lose control, and he’s enjoying every second of the pain he gives them. They are going to get what’s coming to them, what they deserve and that’s the destruction of the traitorous new democrat party.

I predict the democrats will lose the House of Representatives in a landslide. The Rino republican Senators who oppose Trump will lose their primaries and be fired by their voters. This is an American people’s revolution against the Washington Swamp. That’s one of the reason a rough, hard charging successful businessman was elected by the people. President Donald Trump will restore the values that all American loving patriots want to restore again. Let’s Keep America Great forever.

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