Trump Fails Bigly in Kim Talks

Trump fails bigly in kim talks

This is a story I wrote eight hours before the summit to show the world how predictable these rat shit vermin Fake News reporters  are.

Trump fails bigly in Kim talks’ headlines will blast around the world after the summit meet between President Trump and Kim Jong Un. Wrongly! The failed Fake News reporters went to bed with a wish list of juiced up lust of Trump fails giving them all wet dreams last night. I love it. Fake News reporters are all the snowflake leftist socialist results of our colleges today. They are all more stupid than a warm bucket of piss. Parents, look how big a failure you all are by the vile un-American children you raised. Still want to give your kids school trophies for finishing last? Or how you failed parenting and turned that job over to socialist school teachers. How proud you all must be.

Fake News reporters like phony April Ryan, crybaby Jim Acosta, leftist Chris Cuomo etc., are so far out of Fox News John Roberts’s league; they should be charged a fee to be in the same room with him or anybody else from Fox (excepting Fake News Trump hater Sheppard Smith). These traitors hate our country; hate what America stands for; and want to see our country destroyed. The media’s hatred of Trump is so deep I am pointing out how the headlines are already written before the summit begins.

The last straw to be broken will be the great success President Trump’s meeting with Kim Jong Un achieves will be bashed mercilessly as being too soft. Trump will go in their lying eyes from starting a war a few months ago to being too weak and giving up the farm to the dictator. Talk about the deranged humans these sicko Fake News reporters are, they really need to be put behind bars for life. We cannot let them escape the law for committing the murder of a president.

Trump Will Win Bigly

Trump will win bigly (big league in Trump talk) in the Kim talks. Look at the picture (soon to appear) of the towering American hero looming over the short pudgy Kim. Trump represents what all patriotic Americans picture as a great American leader. A strong, virile, powerful President who dares its enemies with the projection of the most powerful country in the world’s loud, clear message…Don’t Fuck with Us!

Kim Jong Un is not suicidal; we will soon see that fact rear up during the talks. All the talking heads on TV predict this long process will take years…Ha Ha Ha! Stupid fucking idiots! Why? Trump is so underestimated by the Washington Swamp, again, again and again like he always is as a fly by your pants decision maker. He charts the shortest, quickest path to success. Simple.

Their dumb brains cannot wrap around successful outcomes because the world has been operating on Obama time,   Bush time, and Clinton time since forever. Just look at the coward Justin Trudeau, the socialist prime minister of Canada, who waits until President Trump has left the conference to come out blasting the President because he was pissing in his pants too scared to tell him to his face. The leftist socialist pigs of the European part of the G7 could not believe Trump basically told them all on the G7 communique, “We’re not going to let you keep robbing America like your personal piggybank. Go fuck yourselves”! Hooray for America first, It’s about damn time!

Kim Can Not Refuse or Else

Kim cannot turn him down because it will be his regime’s destruction and the end for him personally. Even his hardline advisors can’t be stupid enough to threaten the United States again. North Korea will cease to exist. Bye Bye! They are financially wrung out like a squeezed orange right now. Kim will be lucky to be left with the rind after Trump gets through with him. Just listen in to the dumbest reporters the world has ever known and their idiotic childish reasons why Trump is failing. These moron reporters are disappearing into history as the lowest class of humans ever spawned. I laugh every time at how Trump plays them like a Stradivarius violin and these nitwits always take his bait. They could not pass a class for special ed students because those handicapped students are 10 times smarter than Fake News reporters.

The headlines will be what I started off with because they are written by sick low life’s who hate our President more than any other person in the world. Those, dear parents are the shit people you brought into this world. How proud you must be of your sick traitorous offspring you let loose in our country. They speak volumes for your defective psychotic gene pool, mom and dad.

Let’s not forget all the talking head idiots who predict doom and gloom for the summit talks. These so called experts have been wrong in their analysis ever since they began talking. They have a lot more than egg smeared across their dumbass faces. Half of socialist leftist America cheers Trump you fail. They want war so they can impeach Trump.

So the real headline that will be broadcast across the forgotten American patriot’s heartland is “Trump Brings Peace to the World. North Korea Agrees to Denuke.” Don’t forget to vote in 2018 for the congressman or woman that vows to support our President and his policies. Trump is making America Great Again and it is because of all you Patriots that chose him. Now get off your asses again like you did in 2016.

The Patriot



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