Trump Trap Has Been Sprung!


The Trump trap has been sprung and guess who got caught in the trap?

Religious Police Have No Boundaries

First off, let me do an amateur psychoanalysis of “Bad Bobby” Mueller, the special counsel. Mueller thinks he is a chosen angel of God, and he really does believe he’s God’s chosen soldier to defeat America’s immoral. He made himself chief of America’s religious police. Go back to when he started his career and you will discover  that the truth or facts never mattered to him when he was a prosecutor hired by and working for Rudy Giuliani. The only thing that mattered to him was once he decided to set his sights on going after you, he was getting a guilty conviction to hang on his belt.

Truth or facts weren’t important to him, the number of scalps of the convictions he could collect were all that mattered. He has the worst case of the moral authority in a God complex, making Comey a close second to him. Beware of those preachers who preach morals the loudest, he’s as phony as his witch hunt. A religious zealot is the last thing our country of freedom of rights  need. Why else does he keep going to the well of democrat loving sycophants, discredited, dishonest prosecutors to staff his ranks? They will impeach Trump, and laws and rules will not stop them. Period! Religious police have no boundaries.

Mueller Senior Deputy Andrew Weissmann will lie, cheat and break rules to hide exculpatory evidence from defense attorneys. Later he gets slapped down hard by the  United States Supreme Court 9 to 0 for being a crooked prosecutor, albeit nine years later. Here’s the dirty little secret  why we should NEVER entrust power to the Swamp Rats that are running the system. They knew it would take years to get the case to a fair court, and all the while innocent prisoners were rotting away in jail. That’s what Mueller and his band of Hillary lovers are great at, abusing power. Ignore the crimes of  Hillary, but plant evidence to frame Trump. They break you knowing it will ruin you financially. Some victims get overwhelmed and do what these crooked prosecutors tell them to do, plead guilty to a made up crime to save their families.

Evil Has No Bounds

These are evil, evil people who abuse power like dirty cops. No, they’re worse than dirty cops. Another fact that drives me crazy is that democrats always shout from the rooftops, ‘but they’re republicans.” What a fucking joke. They are republicans is like saying Muslims love Christians. That’s why the leaders chose to pose  as republicans so they could advance their careers. In reality all the while being secret democrats.

President Trump figured out the puzzle. It took him a year to learn how the WASHINGTON SWAMP REALLY WORKS. The President hatched a master plan probably only one or two inside trusted friends know about. His every move is made to suck the evil scum of Mueller and his cronies, deeper into his trap. Now, they grabbed hold of the tar baby and can’t get loose. They will die a rotting corpse stuck in the tar, rather than let go of impeaching Trump. Let’s all take a victory piss on those dead witch hunt bodies when it happens.

The Rope a Dope Strategy

Here’s what I can piece together from the Trump trap. He’s playing rope a dope with Mueller about siting down for an interview. He’s never going to let Mueller trap him, the Constitution is on the President’s side. He just keeps playing Mueller along, running out the clock to the 2018 election. To lose a few House seats will be  a huuuge victory for President Trump and his patriotic Americans. If he adds just one more seat to the majority of the House, the election night democrats’ heads will explode. They’ll scream out loud while crying their eyes out, again. America wins.

The next part of  his plan is to keep distracting the Fake News Vampires by crying witch hunt all the time. These dumbass socialist democratic idiots will always try to keep proving Trump is a liar and spend countless hours of TV time really doing what he wants them to do. They have been snared in trump’s Trap since election night.

His continuous pounding of the Mueller traitors by his good buddy Rudy Giuliani will turn the public sentiment and keep his rating approval numbers in the polls going up and up. Included in the group that will rightly finally see the light of the witch hunt will be 60% of independents and probably 10% of what’s left of patriotic democrats.

“Bad Bobby” Mueller Keeps Fighting

Blindly, “Bad Bobby” will fight Trump in the courts because he’s too stupid to know when he’s beat. Trump’s argument to the Supreme Court will be his absolute right written into the United States Constitution that a lackey subordinate who he can fire without cause cannot subpoena him to testify or bend to his illegal will. He can fire anybody in the executive branch and does not have to give a fucking reason to do it. The Supreme Court will rule in Trump’s favor. The Trump trap will continue to the final stage of operation. Mueller will be forced to finish it up and write a report to Congress, of course recommending Trump should be impeached! The real reason will be because he’s morally unfit to be president. Do we all recognize echoes of the “Jilted” James Comey argument here?

This despicable, unholy Democrat lackey for impeachment, “Bad Bobby Mueller” is the useful tool of the traitorous democrats. The Washington Swamp knows Trump poses a mortal danger to its existence. For the first time in over a hundred years it realizes if Trump wins against them, they will cease to exist. Poof, vanish in a puff of smoke.

Comey is a sicko who thinks he’s the moral authority to decide that 62 million people made a mistake in electing Trump. The Mueller twin clones act like identical twins. When it comes to the President, Congress will have to ignore the stacked deck report  Mueller writes because of the facts.

Another unseen part of the Trump Trap is that all of the anti-Trump Rinos (republicans in name only) that retired or quit will thankfully be replaced by voters in 2018  with Trump backers in Congress. That’s why you must get energized and run over the democratic traitors who want to destroy the country. GET OUT THE VOTE FOR TRUMP! The Trump battle cry should be, “vote the democrat bastards out.”

President Donald J. Trump, the most powerful man in the world will clean house by summoning Rosenstein, Pussy Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and the last to be called to stand in front of him for their day of reckoning, the morally corrupt “Bad Bobby” Mueller. Trump will smile at each one of them starting with Rosenstein, and utter this pre ample; “I’ve waited two years to say this to you traitorous son of a bitch. You’re Fired! Now get the fuck out of my office.”

All American patriots will cheer and celebrate another Trump victory. The always under estimated Donald J. Trump, the President has won again. America has won again. America is great again!

The Patriot


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